Episode #148 – We’ll get to the pop culture eventually…..

The guys kick off with a bunch of tangents then dive head first into the world of pop culture.

  • Tom Hanks will likely be Gepetto
  • Happy Death Day 2U trailer
  • Bond 25 will continue the story Casino Royale started
  • Murphy Brown is likely done….
  • Preacher picked up for season 4
  • Riggins is back on HBO
  • Daredevil: Man Without a Show
  • Scarlet Witch gets 2nd billing in Scarlet Witch show
  • Netflix adapting Cowboy Bebop and Roald Dahl
  • Nick Nolte in space
  • Blue Beetle one of a million DC movies in development
  • Into the Spider-Verse is really good, apparently
  • Black Widow to shoot next year

All that, what we watched and even more tangents.

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2 thoughts on “Episode #148 – We’ll get to the pop culture eventually…..

  1. Cowboy Bebop is one of my favorite things. I would feel better about this adaptation if they hadn’t hired the guy who wrote Thor: The Worst Thor and Max Steel to craft the pilot. Apparently they’ve upped the amount of swearing and gore, things the original show has barely any of. They’re also jamming the big bads and their connection to Spike into the first episode instead of teasing it out. It’s all shaping up to strip away what made the anime unique. I just don’t see the point if you’re going to wring out all the originality.

    RDT: You’re welcome to borrow the editor’s cut of Spider-Man 3 if you’re curious. It’s better, but it’s still a waste of good talent.

    Also, I won’t be doing any Rocky-related screenings at Christmas. Maybe during that week, though.

    You boys are in for a treat with season 3 of Daredevil. I hope that Disney manages to snap up all of these actors and keep the series going. Or, at least brings them into the movie universe. I want to see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man have to deal with D’onofrio’s Kingpin.

    1. Oof, that sounds terrible re: Cowboy Bebop.

      I am curious about Spider-Man 3. So, yeah, I’ll give it a watch. Thanks!

      I’m up for any/all Rocky viewings.

      I don’t need to catch up on Iron Fist or Luke Cage, do I? Also, I would kill to see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man go up against D’onofrio’s Kingpin.

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