Weekend Watch – 04/19/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

The Curse of La Llorona

Loren: Well doesn’t that look all sorts of clichéd. Pass.

RDT: I’ve seen this trailer twice in theaters already. No need to revisit here as well. It looks creepy “af” as the kids say. I’m gonna pass.

Rick: I yawned/rolled my eyes through nearly every second of that trailer. Hard pass.

AJ: Me: I love Linda Cardellini

Also me:


Loren: I think maybe Topher Grace should just go back to re-cutting Star Wars movies and maybe Luke Cage should just do whatever out of work Luke Cage’s do.

RDT: It’s got a good cast, but it’s a Jesus movie. And, I mean, I like Jesus. Without him there is no Easter and without Easter there is no Easter candy. So, thanks for the candy, Jesus!

Rick: Looks like everyone is gonna make their boat payments this month.

AJ: Not so into the faith & family genre typically but this cast is strong and I just adore Chrissy Metz. She recorded a song for the soundtrack which she performed at the ACMs that I was fairly impressed with, too. I mean, good for her, right? It’s not like women of her size are usually given a lot of opportunity in this business – and it’s usually a plucky sidekick role — so I just admire her. **steps down off soapbox**

Limited Release



RDT: WTF was with the background music in that trailer. Holy shit. Also, this looks like a million different “I hate kids but now I’m stuck with kids” movies I’ve seen before. Pass.

Rick: Yeah, it’s trope central, but I laughed at a lot of things in that trailer. Call it a maybe when it hits streaming.

AJ: How many times must we visit this trope? This time with a quirky juggalo twist!

Wild Nights With Emily

Loren: Though this is nowhere near a flick I’d normally check out, there was something rather delightful to that trailer for me. I doubt I’ll ever make the time to check it out, but I liked what I saw here.

RDT: I have never been a fan of Molly Shannon. I’m sure she’s delightful in real life, but I just can’t stand her on screen. Sorry.

Rick: This reminds me a lot of The Little Hours, which was not strong despite its talented cast. It feels like they’re making fun of the material, but shouldn’t this movie serve as a more serious reexamination of Dickinson’s poetry? Oh, wait. Cynthia Nixon did that in A Quiet Passion two years ago. I’d rather watch that.

AJ: Sorry. This just looks….. Dumb? I can’t decide what genre this film wants to be. And Molly Shannon is distracting me by being, well, Molly Shannon.

Under The Silver Lake

Loren: That was also the right kind of weird for me. I’m kinda into the whole odd noir thing.

RDT: Here’s my prediction. He finds the girl in the end. She says she did move out in the middle of the night. He asks why and she says she didn’t like him.

Rick: Not sure if weird for the sake of weird or if weird to serve a purpose. Regardless, I’m curious enough to want to find out.

AJ: It’s striking me as noir meets stoner flick meets The Big Lebowski (which I guess is a stoner flick), and it’s not resonating with me. I want Andrew Garfield to make better choices. I think he’s talented.

The World We Make

Loren: This felt more like a 2 season CW show than a movie to me.

RDT: This looks harmless enough.

Rick: Like RDT said, it looks entirely harmless. I just couldn’t help but think about how bad my allergies would be if I were within a hundred yards of that horse farm.

AJ: This looks like a nice film. There’s a character actor in the cast, Kevin Sizemore, I really like. Man, that guy works a lot. Anyway, I’d see this. It just felt sort of calming.

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

Loren: As noted below the production on this movie is wild. I’m in just to see how a cohesive movie is made after all that time was put into it.

RDT: Oh yeah, that’s a Terry Gilliam movie. Like what AJ said below, the man has spent nearly 2 decades trying to get this film made. Go persistence! That being said, I may check it out eventually. But I’ve never been a huge Gilliam fan…..

Rick: Definitely in. I feel like anyone interested in this movie (or filmmaking in-general) should watch Lost in Lamancha, the documentary about the incomprehensible disaster it was trying to make this movie back when Johnny Depp was the star.

AJ: Directed by Terry Gilliam and it looks it. But the story behind making this movie is even more interesting — Gilliam has been toiling with it since 1989 and is only now finally putting it out. He’s tried to film it several times with varying conflicts blocking it and the final blow being that Amazon dropped the film from a promising release last year. So I believe he is self-distributing at this point? I mean, 17 years later, I kinda wanna see how it turned out….


Loren: This movie looks like it falls into the problem that if it wasn’t a musical it would just be a standard intersection of lives tale, but as a musical it really comes up short. Too bad.

RDT: Well doesn’t that just look terrible.

Rick: They get an A for effort. A musical is a tough sell anymore, especially one set in modern day. This will probably get a curiosity watch, but I have so many more older musicals to watch that this is going to the back of the line.

AJ: I appreciate that someone tried to conceive an original movie musical set in the present. I do not appreciate that they’re trying to be Dear Evan Hansen and failing. Looks too corny. And I love musicals.

Red Joan

Loren: This is another in a long line of movies that might serve better as limited series. Judi Dench is awesome, and it’s nice to see another one of the guys from Coupling working.

RDT: I have no feelings about this movie.

Rick: Judi Dench is a treasure, but I might be more inclined to read up on this story than watch the movie.

AJ: Trevor Nunn directed this?! My mind is blown. I feel like Judi Dench could stage a live reading of Google Maps directions and make it compelling and I love a wartime history film.

Hail Satan?


RDT: I initially had no interest in this doc. But, after watching the trailer, I’m intrigued. I just might check this out eventually.

Rick: I followed the story about the statue in Oklahoma when it first hit a few years ago. I’m definitely down to hear about the rest of their efforts.

AJ: Fun fact I learned at work the other day — April 30 is the anniversary of the founding of the Church of Satan. So was this release timed to that? Just curious. Anyway, Penny Lane makes a good documentary. I will 1000% see this one way or the other.

Fast Color

Loren: I love that sci-fi has become so common place that it has to go outside it’s own box to be different now. What a time to be alive.

RDT: I read a review of this earlier today (it’s Wednesday, if that matters) and that was enough for me. I don’t know that I’ll catch it in the cinema, but I’ll definitely keep it on my radar.

Rick: Yes. Yes, please.

AJ: I think Gugu Mbatha-Raw is so cool. I love this take on the super-hero role. Looks like something I’d otherwise randomly discover and see on my own on a Saturday afternoon with a bucket of popcorn and enjoy.

Drunk Parents

Loren: This… this is horrible.

RDT: More like “Dumb Parents!” amirite?!?!?!?!

Rick: I gave up halfway through the trailer. No thank you.

AJ: Heard a rumor this film wasn’t being made available to press ahead of time so…. I’m rather dubious about it. Also, I kind of hate the title.

Daddy Issues

Loren: Would anyone want to see this movie if the leads weren’t good looking? Probably not.

RDT: Yeah I kinda hated that trailer.

Rick: Man, that took a dark turn in the last ten seconds. I’ll keep an eye out for it, but I don’t have super high hopes.

AJ: This one strikes me as edgy for the sake of being edgy. Artsy for the sake of being artsy. It’s not grabbing me. I also wanna slap the person who picked out the fonts.



No Good Nick

Loren: I don’t think the world needs a Nickelodeon styled revenge show. What are you even doing Netflix?

RDT: Sometimes, when I see all the Netflix content, I can’t help but think of this.

Rick: Ugh. This looks terrible. I know it’s not a comedy, but it looks so much like a Disney Channel tween show that I kept waiting for a laugh track to kick in. Also, see AJ’s comment below. I have the same feelings.

AJ: Too much content. Not enough quality. People are starting to notice, Netflix.

Homecoming: A Film By Beyonce

Loren: Looks like the fellas aren’t part of the Beyhive.

RDT: Eh. I’m all set.

Rick: I appreciate Beyonce’s talent, but I have zero interest in this movie.

AJ: Please. I’ve already watched this twice.

Brené Brown: The Call to Courage

Loren: I don’t know that I need the affirmations but she certainly seems to know her shit.

RDT: I’m gonna give it a shot.

Rick: I have never heard of this woman until now. I’m far more interested in her TED talk than this special.

AJ: I’ve seen some of Brown’s speeches on YouTube and I know she gave one of the most-watched TED Talks. She’s a great speaker. But I can’t sit through this one.


Loren: This doesn’t even look a little funny. Yikes.

RDT: Huh…?

Rick: Oh, no. No thank you.

AJ: *couch*cough* What did I just say about quality? This looks terrible.

Someone Great

Loren: No. But, the scene when they are describing how in the disaster movie when the Black Girl dies and the White Girl looks outside at how crazy it is out there reminded me of Brittany Snow’s movie Bushwick, where that happens. Meta. But yeah, still, no.

RDT: Wait, have I seen this 30 times before? I feel like I’ve seen this 30 times before.

Rick: *Now arriving in Trope Station. Trope Station. Change for the Red Line.* Cool, I’ll get off at the next stop.

AJ: A black girl, a white girl and a Latina girl walk into a bar…. And execute all the comedy stereotypes in cinematic history! (But yo, RuPaul is in this so I will totally watch this.)

Grass is Greener

Loren: Weed culture is the worst, but at least this is attacking the politicization of the “evils” of Marijuana.

RDT: En, not my deal, but you do you with your jazz cigarettes.

Rick: This doc has been made a thousand times already. Reuse the same stock footage, grab a couple of fresh interviews, and punch up the graphics. Hard pass.

AJ: First of all, I am relieved someone didn’t try to remake the 1960 Cary Grant film of the same name. Second, while the subject matter isn’t my thing, per se, I would concede it’s something we need to talk about and probably has a huge audience.



Loren: I’m with Rick, this has a very Master of None vibe to it. I’m down for more of that style of storytelling. I think I’m in.

RDT: Guys….guys….. I don’t know if I have the bandwidth for another good show.

Rick: Feels a bit like Master of None, and that’s a good thing. I’ll probably dive into this once I finish Shrill.

AJ: I read like 19 positive reviews of this series this week and I put it right into the queue. And good on them for bringing Muslim characters to the mainstream. It looks great.


Bosch Season 5

Loren: I think this is a mom show. Like a racy NCIS or Blue Bloods.

RDT: I haven’t seen a single episode of this show. Why stop that streak now?

Rick: I have had zero interest in this series from the start. Good for them that they’re still working, though.

AJ: Maybe someday. My parents really like this show. I tend to agree with their taste, actually, so someday. Didn’t even realize we were on the fifth season, though. It’s been around a while?  (And you shut-up, Loren. I LOVE BLUE BLOODS!)

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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–Loren, RDT, Rick, and AJ

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