Weekend Watch – 09/06/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

IT Chapter 2

Loren: I’m not hearing the most amazing stuff about this but it does appear to have some genuine creepiness to it. I’ll see it, but maybe not in the theater.

RDT: I saw the first one in the theaters, despite my non-horror-guy-ness. And I am intrigued, having read the book twice. But, I dunno. It’s just not grabbing me….. Maybe?

Rick: 1) I haven’t seen the first part. 2) I still think Pennywise’s makeup is a mistake. He looks like he’d murder you with no provication. No one, no adult, child, animal, or form of intelligent life, would go within thirty feet of this iteration of Pennywise, let alone willingly join him in the sewer when promised a balloon. The clown should look like one you’d feel comfortable hiring for your child’s birthday. It should only get terrifying when it’s too late to run. That said, I’ll probably see these eventually, but I’m waiting for the director’s cut Andy Muschietti has been promising since before the first chapter hit theaters.

Jen: I still miss Tim Curry.

Limited Release

The Last Photograph

Loren: I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to go through this type of tragedy but I also don’t need to sit through this movie to find out. I’m complicated like that.

RDT: Definitely a heartbreaking story. Not sure I’ll ever be in the right mood to watch it.

Rick: Suffering this tragedy is an unreasonable burden, but nothing about this trailer is making me think this film is worth seeing.

Jen: Oh, no. I’ve been a mom for over 5 years and I’m still not ready to watch “loss of a child” stuff. This looks like a lovely film though…

Strange But True

Loren: I’ll give this one thing, I have no idea where this is going. The problem is I only slightly want to figure it out.

RDT: Ok, I know I’m never gonna read the book it’s based on. And it’s unlikely I’ll ever see the movie. So, I read the spoilers….. Damn……

Rick: Here I was expecting some kind of half-assed Jesus movie, then suddenly gunfire and ominous music. Color me slightly intrigued.

Jen: I’m definitely curious enough to check this one out. Also, glad to see Greg Kinnear in something more up to his level.

Satanic Panic

Loren: I’m pretty sure an old friend of mine’s wife (girlfriend?) made this. Does that mean it’s any good? Not necessarily, but it looks kinda fun. It’s always good to see “new blood” so to speak out there making movies. I’ll check it out down the road.

RDT: If Rick deems it worthy, I’ll check it out.

Rick: Fangoria and other assorted horror sites have been pushing this one pretty hard in the last month. Admittedly, it looks kinda fun. Maybe not run to theaters fun, but from my couch for $6 on demand fun.

Jen: This actually reminds me a lot of the kind of funny/horror-esque films I’d watch at sleepovers as a teen. Rebecca Romajin is the perfect rich cult leader and I am on board for a late night screening of this with some pizza and wine.

Rapid Response

Loren: I have little to no interest in Formula 1, and I certainly don’t need to watch a doc about old racers exploding to death, but I’m glad there are new safety protocols being instilled.

RDT: Loren pretty much covered it for me. Pass (on the inside).

Rick: When the trailer started I thought it was going to get into the whole safety halo controversy but, surprisingly, it doesn’t even look like they touch on it. You might get me to watch a forty-four minute ESPN doc on this, but not a full feature.

Jen: My husband is a huge F1 fan and has gotten me into it a fair bit. I’ve seen several docs and docu-dramas on famous drivers and their accidents and it is still amazing that this is even a sport at all. The safety technology has improved SO much that I’d be interested in watching another doc cover the info from a different angle.


Night Hunter

Loren: I really like everyone in this cast and it’s been a while since we’ve had a good Silence of the Lambs-esque thriller. However, seeing as I’ve heard absolutely nothing about this and that trailer isn’t all that great, I don’t have a ton of hope.

RDT: Jesus, how many different movies is this?!?!? It’s like Hard Candy meets Taken meets Primal Fear. But, like, the bad versions of all of them.

Rick: That cast and the subject matter are telling me ‘yes’, but the meh production value and the fact that it finished shooting over two years ago are saying ‘no’.

Jen: Why DOES this trailer look so meh? It seems like there was some money there and I like the premise and energy – although that music – ugh. This feels like it should be better.

Ms. Purple

Loren: It’s definitely not a story for me, but the film major in me can’t help but be totally into the cinematography. This looks absolutely gorgeous.

RDT: I’m never going to see this movie. But, based on what everyone else said, you totally should.

Rick: It’s nice to see something that’s set in LA that actually shot here. This is one of those movies I’ll have to see in the theater or I’ll forget it exists. I’ll keep an eye out for it, though.

Jen: This looks beautiful and I heard lots of good things about Gook, Justin Chon’s first film so no reason to doubt his skill, it’s just a matter of if I’ll be able to squeeze in the time for this, maybe on streaming…

Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice

Loren: As someone that is a music guy (unlike RDT) I do find it hard to get into music docs. I think I’d rather go to a concert or just listen to an old LP. It’s kinda like not wanting to know how the sausage is made.

RDT: Hi, my name is Werner Brandes. My voice is my passport. Verify Me.

Rick: Props to whomever cut that trailer. It’s excellent, and got me intrigued enough to keep this on my radar.

Jen: You had me at Linda Ronstadt, love her, love docs, in.



The Spy

Loren: This looks really interesting, that coupled with what appears to be a nice dramatic turn from Sascha Baron Cohen will keep this on my radar.

RDT: Looks more “spy drama” than “spy thriller” and I’m into it.

Rick: Yep. Definitely in. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while.

Jen: Wow. Sascha Baron Cohen looks great here, that performance alone has peaked my interest.

Elite Season 2

Loren: I remember covering this when Season 1 dropped and thinking it was interesting to see this type of show from somewhere that isn’t here or Britain. Then I didn’t watch it. I forsee the same thing happening here with Season 2.

RDT: Didn’t realize there was a season 1 (even if we did cover it). So yeah, there you go.

Rick: I have a vague memory of covering the first season of this. Can you tell I never bothered to watch it?

Jen: Ooooooh yeah… I remember this and I remember Loren writing exactly what he wrote that he wrote. I have no further comments.


Wu-Tang: An American Saga

Loren: Sadly I got into Wu-Tang later in life, so I missed a lot of their stuff. Though I appreciate a biopic, I feel it lands a little bit into the same area that music docs do for me. I’ll call that Sausage Factory territory.

RDT: I wonder if they’ll cover the Drop the Mic years?

Rick: Unless it’s an old kung-fu movie, I have zero interest in Wu-Tang.

Jen: Wait, this isn’t a doc? I just assumed it was until I watched the trailer. While I’m interested in the beginnings of this group, I’d rather see the real story instead of the reel story. See how clever I was there?

Into The Dark: Pure

Loren: And so the culmination of 12 monthly “episodes” has arrived. This looks about as good as any of the others. (Not a compliment)

RDT: Boring

Rick: Are…are they finally done? Can we move on and be okay with what a non-event any of these movies were?

Jen: I saw a couple of articles about this installment centered around Purity culture, which I did not know was a thing until now. I am so far from Pure I didn’t even know it was a thing. The trailer looks fine I guess, but I much more interested in learning about real women who’ve suffered real abuse at the hands of this archaic, disgusting, patriarchal subculture.


Couples Therapy

Loren: I’m a HUGE proponent of therapy, for yourself, for your partnership, whatever. I am, however, not even remotely interested in watching the type of people that would think this was ok in therapy.

RDT: I don’t have Showtime. Wait…..do I have Showtime???? I don’t care.

Rick: Man, therapy is hard enough sometimes. Why would you let someone FILM YOUR SESSION AND PUT IT ON TELEVISION?!?!? I’d say narcissism and lack of common sense is an issue for all of these people. I…no. Just no.

Jen: No. No, no, no, no, no. Why? Why, why why? I feel like any progress made by the couples when going through this therapy will be un-done when the show is aired to the world and they have to re-watch themselves and their reactions/discoveries. No.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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