Episode #207 – BarthaMania!!!

As the guys celebrate BarthaMania, the run through all the pop culture news of the week.

  • The Fox has been extricated from the (Disney) hen house.
  • National Treasure 3….!…..?
  • Bad Boys 4…..?
  • Oscar Isaac getting his Ex Machina on again kind of
  • All the Peacock details
  • No more Apu for Hank Azaria
  • Superman and Lois. the series
  • Better Call Saul before it’s too late!
  • No Watchmen season 2…..yet
  • Mindhunter isn’t cancelled, but it is
  • And so is Veronica Mars
  • A bunch of people will be in the Lord of the Rings show
  • Jeff Goldblum will continue
  • Episode IX could’ve been….good…..?
  • Taika in talks to direct a Star Wars movie
  • Green Lantern show will feature Green Lanterns
  • Morbius Trailer
  • Black Widow Trailer 2

All that, what we watched and a few tangents.

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