Weekend Watch – 02/07/20

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Birds of Prey

Loren: DC keeps fucking my with their trailers but this could actually be kinda good. I’m probably going to see it. Maybe even in the theater.

RDT: So…..apparently……it’s…..good…..? Yeah, I’m gonna see it.

Rick: Definitely in no rush to see this. If reviews turn out to be decent I’ll catch it down the line, but I’ve been burned by too many crappy DC outings to willingly give my time to any of their output without a glowing recommendation.

Jen: I am of two minds. This trailer is awesome and really makes me want to see this movie. But so did the Suicide Squad trailer and that was… underwhelming. I’m going to approach with caution.

AJ: I’m not over the perfect use of Bjork’s “It’s Oh So Quiet” in this trailer. There are so many elements here that appeal to me – Margot Robbie, Ewan McGregor (as the villain!), ass-kicking women. I’ve got my expectations tempered at this point when it comes to any DC films, but I do want to see this.

Limited Release

Waiting for Anya

Loren: At least Noah Schnapp hasn’t been completely typecast like Finn Wolfhard. Other than that I don’t have much interest in this movie.

RDT: I think I’ll keep waiting. Thanks.

Rick: I checked out the moment “from the author of War Horse” came on screen. Christ, that movie was awful. No thank you.

Jen: Films about the Holocaust provide important catharsis for a world still grieving the loss. So I’m glad they continue to be made. That being said, I don’t need to see ALL of them.

AJ: I’m always a weird sucker for WWII-era/Holocaust films. I am not sure I will get to seeing this in theaters but I am sure I will see it eventually. It’s less than two hours; cut and dry drama, probably something I’d be okay watching from my sofa.

Dream Round

Loren: Jen, I’m not convinced this isn’t a porno. I’ll tell you if it is when it shows up on PornHub.

RDT: What….. the fuck…… was that?

Rick: I had so many thoughts while watching that trailer that my brain basically spun out. I think they hired whomever shot Rollergator to “film” this. Garbage. Utter garbage.

Jen: I could not take my eyes off that. It feels like that trailer broke my brain. Every shot looks like the non-sex part of a porno.

AJ: I have a lot of questions, but let’s start with: RICHARD GRIECO?! What is with that weird trailer narration? Why does this look like my little brother shot it on our handheld video camera circa 1993? Random golf mentor dude dressed in white is totally some kind of ghost, right? Is this is a bad, bad Happy Gilmore-inspired faith film? Too many red flags. That’s a negative, ghost rider.

Come to Daddy

Loren: Weird. I like it.

RDT: I appreciate Elijah Wood doing the weird shit. There’s probably not enough weird shit in theaters. And that’s probably because of people like me who don’t go see weird shit. But good for you and your weird shit, Elijah Wood!


Jen: Poor Frodo. First that whole Mordor thing and now this?

AJ: Elijah Wood’s been pushing this with a lot of social media and in-theater appearances and I admire his moxie, but as this looks creepy and gory AF, I gotta pass.

And Then We Danced

Loren: Yeah, normally I’m a sucker for dance movies but this one isn’t doing it for me.

RDT: And when you danced, I watched Step Up 2: The Streets. #mooseislife

Rick: I’m with AJ on this one.

Jen: I’m not not-interested in this. I’m just not sure I’m actually interested in this.

AJ: Looks like a Georgian updated Center Stage and Center Stage is on Netflix, so I think I’d rather just rewatch Center Stage.



Horse Girl

Loren: I’m curious as to what is happening here and I do love me some Allison Brie so… maybe?

RDT: That trailer took a bit of a left turn. But still, unless someone I know, whose opinion on movies I trust, says I have to see this, I’m gonna pass.

Rick: Apparently, if you’ve seen a heartwarming under-horse(?) story, you’ve seen this movie. I think I’m good.

Jen: That was more interesting than I anticipated, but I’m not sureI’m ready to invest the time in finding out what’s going on here. Although my husband is going out of town so I do have some streaming time to fill so maybe…

AJ: The reviews of this out of Sundance were pretty evenly split between really bad and really good… The performances look strong, cast is appealing (who knew Molly Shannon would end up being an indie film darling?), but it’s just not meshing together for me.

Tom Papa: You’re Doing Great

Loren: I’ve never really been into Tom Papa’s stuff, sorry.

RDT: The jokes seem somewhat…. standard (Aren’t kids funny?!?!?! Isn’t life hard?!?!?!? Blah blah blah!?!?!?). I’ll pass.

Rick: *snore*

Jen: Meh, that sure seems like stand up comedy. I have to imagine there are better jokes in the special than what they used here, right?

AJ: Dear lord, who has time to watch this many comedy specials?!?! Nothing in that trailer made me laugh so at least I know I won’t have time to watch this one.

The Pharmacist

Loren: As most of you know True Crime is not my bag, but this looks interesting.

RDT: Honestly, what Rick said.

Rick: This looks like a compelling story, but I think I’d rather listen to an NPR rundown about this than take on yet another doc.

Jen: IS there an NPR podcast on this? I’d totally listen to that.

AJ: This reminded me a little – at least in tone and theme – of a doc from a few years ago, Peace Officer (which is wholly worth seeing, by the way, if you can). It’s a four-episode limited series so maybe I’ll have the urge to check it out someday. Could be interesting. It’s so hard to make “appointment television” at this point.

Locke & Key

Loren: I never read the comics but from everyone I know that did they are super excited about it. I think it looks right up my alley so on the list it goes and probably pretty close to the top.

RDT: I’ve been meaning to read the comic for years and I feel like I need a new show. I’ll give it an episode or two to grab me then reassess.

Rick: This thing has been in development hell for YEARS. It even had a full pilot shot a few years ago that didn’t get picked up. I wasn’t super-interested when this was just a comic book, but I know a lot of people are excited. I already have too much to watch anymore.

Jen: This feels very Umbrella Academy-y to me. With a dash of about a dozen other Netflix shows thrown in. Like RDT, I’ll give it an episode or two and see where we land.

AJ: Get it? Because the last name is LOCKE and the house is the KEY house! Clever…. Eh, didn’t really grab me – it looks like a mashup of several other things that have been beaten to death – but maybe the graphic novel it’s based on has a fanbase clamoring for it.


Into The Dark: My Valentine

Loren: What the actual fuck. I thought we were long done with these.

RDT: Didn’t even watch it. Just read what everyone else wrote.

Rick: 1) Why haven’t these stopped being a thing? 2) This is just a riff on a real thing that a couple of petty internet-famous ex’s did to each other. Just without all the violence. GTFO.

Jen: Still?

AJ: Nope. That just looks terrible.


Kidding Season 2

Loren: I was interested in Season 1 but don’t have Showtime so….

RDT: Never watched season 1. **shrugs**

Rick: Riiiiiight. I forgot about this show. I was interested in watching when the first season dropped but, you know, not paying for Showtime. Still not paying for Showtime, but it’s nice that they got a second season.

Jen: We’re about to jump into a run of things where I say some variation of “eh I didn’t see the first x number of seasons and I’m not starting now so good for them”

AJ: What’s the word on this show – any good? Maybe I’ll add it to the “someday I’ll get to it but I have no idea when that is” list.

Homeland Season 8

Loren: Nah, I checked out on boring 24 in Season 1.

RDT: I checked out after season…..2? Maybe? That guy was still on it, and it was terrible. Good for them making it to season 8.

Rick: Good lord. Season 8?! I look forward to more Claire Danes ugly-cry gifs.

Jen: See Kidding Season 2

AJ: I think I abandoned ship on “Homeland” around Season three. I cannot believe it’s lasted this long. Good for them. I am curious if they’ll get their usual barrage of Emmy nominations this time. The market is a lot more crowded than it was when they started in 2011.


High Maintenance Season 4

Loren: I watched the pilot of this show and it was just plain annoying. No thanks.

RDT: Stoner comedy just isn’t my jam.

Rick: I’m surprised this is still going. Still won’t watch it, but good for them for hanging around.

Jen: See Homeland Season 8

AJ: Season FOUR?! I have never heard of this show. Or I’ve blocked it from memory.

The Shop: Uninterrupted

Loren: Not really for me, but kudos to those that might be interested in it.

RDT: I get my hair cut, on average, once every three to four months. This just doesn’t interest me.

Rick: This is probably an interesting watch, but it’s not going to get me to pay for HBO.

Jen: I like what LeBron’s doing with this show, I’d give it a watch.

AJ: Kind of like a Taxi Cab Confessions for the Barber Shop, I think? That could be interesting. When I think about all the shit I’ve told my hair stylist, who is really just this stranger I see once every ten or 12 weeks… Yeah, I’ll probably give this series a shot.


All or Nothing: The Philadelphia Eagles

Loren: These always look pretty good, but I’m just not going to bother with it.

RDT: Sports!

Rick: Even if I were still regularly watching football I wouldn’t tune in for this series.

Jen: Plug for one of my favorite podcasts: I’d rather be listening to Freakanomics’s episode on the 49ers http://freakonomics.com/podcast/sports-ep-2-update/

AJ: After I am done fighting with all these absurd, conservative extremists hating on the Super Bowl Halftime Show, maybe I’ll watch some of this.


Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made

Loren: I was kinda into that, as far as inoffensive quirkiness goes.

RDT: I’m desperate for Disney+ content to justify my 3-year subscription. I fear this is not the content I’m looking for.

Rick: I’m not sure I’ll ever watch this, but I definitely want to go to the Burger Bus for lunch.

Jen: Cute. I do love me some Craig Robinson. I’ll check it out.

AJ: Aw, that looks cute. If I had kids, I’d be watching that with them. On my own, not so sure but I could see it being something I put on while I do dishes or something. Also, Rick, I will join you for this Burger Bus lunch outing.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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–Loren, RDT, Rick, Jen, and AJ

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