Episode #222 – And don’t forget to check out our OnlyFans page…..

It’s….Tuesday…..we guess. Time has no meaning anymore. Here, have some pop culture news!

  • Keanu Day canceled
  • No No Time to Die in 2020?
  • Tenet staying put…for now
  • Russo Bros producing live-action Hercules remake
  • Josh Brolin and Peter Dinklage will be “Brothers”
  • Transformers will roll out, again
  • More Snake-Eyes/GI Joe?
  • Lawyer Lincoln will not be the Lincoln Lawyer, for CBS at least
  • The Boys, season 3 confirmed
  • HBO Max discount
  • Florida Man lives his best quarantine Disney life
  • Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla trailer
  • Amazons (not Amazon) movie in development
  • No DD in Spidey 3

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One thought on “Episode #222 – And don’t forget to check out our OnlyFans page…..

  1. Can confirm about 30 Rock. I started at the beginning about six months ago and I’m still working through it. I can only do two, maybe three at a time.

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