Episode #224 – Everything Leaks!

Welcome to Weekday #2! Check out all the news that’s fit to post.

  • Raising Scarface
  • Pre-Heat and Heat II: Heater
  • Tom Cruise is going to die making a movie in space
  • Last Night in Soho and The Green Night pushed
  • Pike show!!!!!
  • Swamp Thing S1 heading to CW no word on S2
  • Superhero shows not back until 2021
  • Crossover will only be Batwoman and Superman and Lois
  • Superman and Lois poster
  • First poster for Kung Fu and synopsis
  • Riverdale to jump ~5 years next season
  • Harley heads to SyFy
  • Ball and Chain and Netflix and Chill
  • Percy Jackson: the Series
  • Epic shares new Unreal Engine tech test on the PS5
  • Mando season 2 will be Olyphantastic
  • Katee Sakhoff playing Bo-Katan in Mando, season 2

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