Episode #230 – We got Dodgson here!

Apologies for the late post. So, let’s get to it.

  • Tenet, and Mulan, on the move again
  • Chicken Run 2
  • Ms. Frizzle lives
  • Twisterer
  • Dodgson returns
  • Lady pirates
  • Peacock trailers
  • Brooklyn 99 going back to the drawing board
  • Fox recasting
  • Cobra Kai on the move
  • New Splash Mountain
  • Wonder Woman/Amazons on hold
  • Batman Returns?
  • Mordo returns.

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2 thoughts on “Episode #230 – We got Dodgson here!

  1. I split up Point Break and Speed based on running time. They’re both about two hours long. I wanted to keep the double feature night a bit shorter. And Becky O’ has requested John Wick on multiple occasions, so it made the cut.

    And I’m never going to watch Cobra Kai, RDT. Never.

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