Episode #236 – Sitcom: The Sitcom

As we enter year 35 of the 2020 global pandemic, ummm, the guys talk about pop culture!

  • Bill & Ted facing the music early
  • John Wick going back-to-back with John Wick
  • Knight Rider: The Movie may actually happen this time
  • But none of the three Star Trek movies likely will
  • Tom Hanks: Puppet Master
  • Apparently, there are 7 Tremors movies….?
  • Who’s Still the Boss?
  • High Fidelity feeling low
  • Animaniacs reboot coming in time for Thanksgiving
  • Mulan heading to Disney+
  • Amazon picks up A League of Their Own reboot to series
  • Are you ready for Dwayne’s football?
  • Ryan Reynolds is or is not playing Hawkman
  • DeSaad!
  • Cap gets a new director

All that, plus our tangents and what we watched.

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Be safe. Wash your hands. Wear a mask.

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