Episode #248 – Y: The Last Man of La Mancha

Sigh…. welcome to Tuesday. Here’s what’s going on. Mando Season 2, episode 1 spoilers at 1:11:00.

  • Connery, RIP Sean Connery
  • Bautista is on the hunt
  • Sequel
  • Brave Old World
  • Lisa Turtle returns! (Saved by the Bell trailer)
  • No Activity season 4 will be animated
  • Fox cancels 2 shows no one was watching
  • Tom Swift
  • New Batsuit
  • Y getting started
  • Netflix wants more of your money
  • Baby-Sitters Club picked up for season 2
  • Tiny Toons (and Jon Stewart) return
  • Steve Agee Peacemaker
  • Oscar Isaac: Moon Knight?

All that, plus our tangents and what we watched.

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