Episode #315 – Chekhov’s Rancor

Better late than never, the guys are covering all the pop culture goings on, ummm, going on. Peacemaker spoilers @ 1:24:25 and BoBF spoilers @ 1:32:52.

  • We don’t care about the Oscar nominations
  • Simu Liu and America Ferrara join the cast of the Barbie movie
  • Jurassic World: Dominion trailer
  • Uncharted is, reportedly, not great….
  • Roland Emmerich is dumb
  • MoviePass returns – hahahahahahah!!!!
  • Marg returning for CSI: Vegas
  • Donald Faison is, maybe, Booster Gold
  • Gotham Knights info
  • The Adam Project Trailer
  • Futurama returning….. w/out John Dimaggio
  • Gaston & Le Fou dead
  • Blade Runner: 2099
  • Reacher Round 2
  • Ray Stevenson joins the cast of Ahsoka
  • Obi-Wan drops 5/25
  • DC 2022 teaser
  • Russell Crowe joins the cast of Kraven
  • Charlie Cox says he knows “a little” of what’s planned for Daredevil in the MCU
  • All Marvel shows leaving Netflix at the end of the month

All that, plus what we watched and a tangent or two.

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