Episode #368 – Speed Guy That Bullets Murder

The Professor’s subbing in this week as Loren takes to the stars on Gallifrey 1! Also, the levels are a little jacked. So, apologies if it’s too loud/soft.

  • Live action How to Train Your Dragon moving forward
  • Plane 2: Ship
  • I Am Legend 2 moving forward
  • John Wick 4 is too long
  • Fred Astaire biopic w/Tom Holland
  • Operation Fortune trailer
  • M3gan getting an R-rated version for Peacock/blu-ray
  • Tina Fey and Tim Meadows will appear in Mean Girls musical adaptation
  • St. Denis Medical @ NBC
  • Poker Face picked up
  • Blood & Treasure season 3 not happening
  • P+ upping the cost
  • Gender swapped Starsky & Hutch reboot in development
  • Judge Mathis and The People’s Court canceled
  • Outer Banks renewed for season 4
  • Pornhub doc
  • Arrested Development going away
  • Mighty Ducks and Big Shot canceled
  • Duster picked up
  • Ted Lasso season 3 March 15 (teaser)
  • Buzzfeed developing longform series
  • Barney returns!
  • Constantine 2 was not scrapped
  • Justice League Dark, however, was
  • The Batman rumored to be in Penguin series
  • Flash trailer 
  • James Gunn confirms Superman will be younger (but not necessarily 25) and Bats *might* be a couple years older than him
  • The Marvels pushed to November, get a poster
  • Phase 5 updates
  • Emma Corrin cast as Deadpool 3 villain
  • Kevin Feige confirms they have a Spidey 4 story

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