Episode #395 – And a Happy National Cinema Day to You and Yours

It’s a National Cinema Day miracle as the guys get together for another episode.

Spoilers for: The Afterparty  @  01:09:06  Ahsoka  @  01:12:39

  • Bob Barker gets as close to 100 without going over
  • Harley Quinn inspiration and voice Arleen Sorkin passes away at 67
  • WWE’s Windham Rotunda aka Bray Wyatt passes away way too early at 36
  • Wrestling legend Terry Funk has his final death match at 89
  • Carlos Santana kinda sucks, is a TERF
  • AMPTP leaks the (shitty) terms of their offer and it completely backfires
  • Happy National Cinema Day!
  • Barbie and Gran Turismo tied for first place at the Box Office
  • BB drops to third but only by 49%
  • Dune 2 pushed to March next year, Godzilla x Kong moves to April, Animated LOTR moves to December (2024)
  • Wonka, Aquabro and Color Purple remain as of now
  •  Not Another Church Movie
  • Frasier reboot teaser
  • Good Burger 2 teaser 
  • The CW sucks… didn’t inform Nancy Drew staff they weren’t being renewed until a scheduling call was made
  • Fully completed shows Spiderwick Chronicles and Nautilus scrapped at Disney+
  • Doogie done after 2 seasons
  • D23 lineup
  • D+ series coming to Blu-ray
  • And Just Like That…. renewed at MAX
  • Charles Martinet no longer voicing Mario
  • CBR continues to kinda suck
  • Go ahead and keep your Netflix discs
  • David Ayer won’t stop talking about Suicide Squad
  • Rebel Moon trailer

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