Episode #78 – I’m Keeping This All In

This week the guys are back to talking about all the week’s news without a convention in sight! They’ve got you covered on all the news like:

  • Jared Leto tries to f*ck up another comic adaptation
  • It looks like they backed the truck up for Daniel Craig to do one last Bond flick
  • The Wick-iverse gets a Nikita like Ballerina
  • John Powell becomes the 3rd person ever to score a live-action Star Wars movie
  • James Cameron says he’ll be back for the next Terminator movies
  • Final IT trailer
  • ST:D adds a sibling contrivancy to it’s plot lines, plus Fuller’s original plan
  • No more Draco Malfoy on Team Flash
  • Remember when they said there would be no more flashbacks on Arrow? They lied
  • Mahershala Ali Will Star in True Detective Season 3… if there is one
  • John Stewart returns to stand up for HBO
  • Jennifer Aniston and Samuel L. look to return to TV
  • Matt Groening’s Disenchantment is an ‘Epic Fantasy’ for Netflix
  • Looks like the Snyders are officially out of the DCEU
  • Joey Mange won’t tell you if Deathstroke is in The Batman, even though he knows
  • Wonder Woman 2 strikes back December 2019
  • Capt. Marvel won’t grace us with her presence in Infinity War
  • Judy Greer will for Ant-Man and The Wasp however
  • Also, we got a bunch of Avengers tid bits.

All that, the Weekly Watched, and all the usual tangents.

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Episode #62 – Alison Brie Larson & Soft Cheeses

This week the guys tangent, it’s a new thing they’re trying. But they also have a ton of news to cover. Stories like:

  • Invincible is Spider-Man meets Superman, soon to be a movie
  • There are 14 Transformer movies already written, for some reason
  • The Comedian joins Rampage
  • Arnie says Hasta La Vista to THE Predator and Legend of Conan
  • I guess they backed that truck of money up to Daniel Craig
  • Rock Johnson will captain the Jungle Cruise and probably the ride at least once
  • Man Down makes $26 in the UK. $26!
  • Change up to Best Documentary and Best Animated Feature at the Oscars
  • No CGI will be used to bring back Leia in Ep. IX
  • Don Rickles sadly hadn’t recorded his Toy Story 4 lines prior to his death
  • Arrow, Ninja Warrior
  • The Klepper Report
  • The Purge TV series coming
  • ‘Walking Dead’ finale hits 5 year ratings low
  • 2 more seasons for Unfortunate Events to happen
  • First Pictures from GLOW series
  • Wonder Woman tracking to open at $80mil, be happy or sad
  • Defenders hits Aug 18th and has the teaseriest teaser
  • Freeform adds Squirrel Girl and the New Warriors to their roster

All that, the Weekly Watched, and the aforementioned tangents.

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Episode #58 – That 80’s TV Classic Fat Guy, Full Beard

This week the guys talk about some LA bars and their beards. You know, the usual stuff.  They also have you covered on all your pop culture news from the week that was. Stories like:

  • The first pic of Lin Manuel Miranda in the new Mary Poppins.
  • Jake Busey joins/maybe is The Predator.
  • Bad Boys 4 Never. Maybe.
  • Ava2ar delayed.
  • Bond knowledge gets dropped, and writers are announced.
  • Baby Driver trailer
  • Who’s joining Daddy’s Home 2IT’S JOHN CENA!!!!
  • Nick Miller, author of the Pepperwood Chronicles, thinks it might be time to wrap it up.
  • More Riverdale is on it’s way.
  • You won’t have to wait too much longer for more Preacher.
  • Star Trek: Discovery’s captain is a real Death Eater.
  • More information than you wanted about Disney Parks.
  • New Wonder Woman trailer
  • Some critics aren’t a fan of Iron Fist. We don’t know how to feel, yet.
  • First photos from Thor: Ragnarok via EW and some plot details.
  • Guardians 2 will have a post credit scene…. because it’s a Marvel movie.
  • Deadpool himself let’s us in on who will be playing Domino.
  • The underground railroad X-Men show might have a title.

All of that plus a listener sponsored segment, the Weekly Watched, all of the usual tangents, and much more!

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