Episode #62 – Alison Brie Larson & Soft Cheeses

This week the guys tangent, it’s a new thing they’re trying. But they also have a ton of news to cover. Stories like:

  • Invincible is Spider-Man meets Superman, soon to be a movie
  • There are 14 Transformer movies already written, for some reason
  • The Comedian joins Rampage
  • Arnie says Hasta La Vista to THE Predator and Legend of Conan
  • I guess they backed that truck of money up to Daniel Craig
  • Rock Johnson will captain the Jungle Cruise and probably the ride at least once
  • Man Down makes $26 in the UK. $26!
  • Change up to Best Documentary and Best Animated Feature at the Oscars
  • No CGI will be used to bring back Leia in Ep. IX
  • Don Rickles sadly hadn’t recorded his Toy Story 4 lines prior to his death
  • Arrow, Ninja Warrior
  • The Klepper Report
  • The Purge TV series coming
  • ‘Walking Dead’ finale hits 5 year ratings low
  • 2 more seasons for Unfortunate Events to happen
  • First Pictures from GLOW series
  • Wonder Woman tracking to open at $80mil, be happy or sad
  • Defenders hits Aug 18th and has the teaseriest teaser
  • Freeform adds Squirrel Girl and the New Warriors to their roster

All that, the Weekly Watched, and the aforementioned tangents.

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