Weekend Watch – 08/04/2017

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).




Loren: How is this a story that is not more well known? This looks fantastic but I’d be lying if I didn’t only see that racist guy as the “son” that sings TLC in We’re The Millers. At any rate, in.

RDT: I know nothing of this story. The pedigree of the talent involved will definitely keep it on my radar. Maybe not in theaters, but definitely sooner than later streaming.

Rick: You put Kathryn Bigelow’s name on a movie and I’m already sold.

Jen: This is a slice of history I didn’t know much about so I’m glad it’s being highlighted with some serious talent behind it. Not exactly a popcorn movie, but I’m happy to check it out at some point.

The Dark Tower

Loren: This is just Last Action Hero under a different name. I want this to be good but I don’t have high hopes. Bummer.

RDT: I’ve read 7 of the 8 books (but only really enjoyed the first 4 and parts of the other 3 – it gets very, and needlessly, meta at one point…). Also haven’t read any of the comic books or short stories in this series (but am curious). I appreciate it’s a canonical sequel and not an adaptation. And I like, but don’t love, the casting. But, that all being said, nothing I’ve seen or read has gotten me excited for this movie. The runtime, 95 minutes, concerns me, as does the reports of production issues and extensive reshoots. That all being said, it’s still likely I’ll be seeing it this weekend. At the end of the day though, I’m thinking IT will be the better King movie of the year.

Rick: As someone who tried and failed to get into this series of novels (I love the first book, but I tapped out after the third), I’m not terribly excited about this. However, it does make my fantasy casting of Matthew McConaughey as Randall Flagg a reality, so it gets points for that. Also for putting Idris Elba front and center. He needs to be a bigger star than he is.



Wind River

Loren: I’m just glad to see Clint and Wanda going on their own adventures. This looks really solid, and I enjoyed Hell or High Water. When it hits streaming I’ll keep it in the queue.

RDT: It’s been a while since I’ve seen a really solid, adult drama (probably Hell or High Water). If reviews are good, and I have a couple hours to kill in the next week or two, and it’s playing at my local theater, I could see myself popping over there and giving it a watch.

Rick: Been waiting for this one for a while. Count me in.

Jen: From RDT’s description of a “really solid, adult drama” I thought, nope, not for me, but this trailer won me over. This looks great. Continue reading