Episode #52 – Happy Paper Anniversary!

A little over a year ago a couple of guys found themselves at social gatherings going on and on about the state of pop culture and decided, “Hey, we should do a podcast.” Well flash forward one year and we’ve done 52 of them. And we’re just getting started.

Check out this week’s episode where we get into news bits like:

  • Star The Last Jedi Wars
  • Woody is Garris Shrike in Han Solo
  • HPN at SWC:O
  • McNulty is Lara Croft’s father
  • Millie Bobby Brown gets down with some giant monsters
  • Sundance updates
  • ABC renews a show that we’ve never watched… for its 9th season
  • What About Barb?
  • Too much info about shared universes at NBC
  • Better Call Saul might get some Pinkman
  • Arrested Development takes a page from Puzo
  • Which DC movie is in complete peril this week?
  • Logan is officially not for kids
  • No Doctor Strange 2 any time soon
  • Oscar noms

All of that and just, so many tangents.

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