Episode #2 – Skullpoopl et al…

This week on the podcast, Loren and Ryan (RDT) discuss…

  • Haley Atwell’s new pilot and how it might affect Agent Carter
  • Agents of SHIELD’s (I’m not typing out the periods every time) mid-season trailer
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 new cast additions, cast photo and the start of production
  • Netflix’s new season 2, part 1, trailer for Daredevil
  • Warner Bros. final Batman v Superman trailer
  • The Flash’s trip to Earth 2 (and win in the ratings)
  • And Azrael (not the cat) showing up on Gotham

Plus we take a deep dive into Deadpool and what its success might mean for comic book movies going forward. FYI, spoilers at 32:39 through 52:20.

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4 thoughts on “Episode #2 – Skullpoopl et al…

  1. Could you guys tell me more about deadpool specifically at the end of one X-Men he is on the top of like a nuclear reactor and he’s got his mouth stitched shut got these sword hands and the bad general says that he created him, its his son and hes a bad guy. now we have the new dead pool movie which guy is kind of good wearing a suit he made himself hedoesn’t have his mouth stitched up and now he has swords but not attached. I mean in the movie we even see a little toy of that first dead pool that I’m talking about. So what’s going on

    1. I think the easiest way to answer that is….the new Deadpool movie ignores X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Look at it this way, X-Men: Days of Future Past reset the X-Men timeline. Everything after that is new and, unless they explicitly state it, doesn’t connect to the previous movies.

      It’s not 100%, but it’s the best way to think of it without going crazy, in my opinion.

    2. To add onto what RDT said, the last version of Deadpool wasn’t a true interpretation of the character. It was this weird bastardized thing that the studio decided was the best course of action. (It wasn’t). The one from the new move is MUCH closer to his comic book version and the prefered version by most fans. The reason the toy is in the movie is to poke fun at past mistakes in a fourth wall breaking style that Deadpool is known for. See also the few references to Ryan Reynolds’ version of Green Lantern and being the “Sexiest Man Alive”.

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