Episode #33 – Makin’ their way, the only way they know how.

This week, we’re all news, (maybe) all the time…?

  • Alita:Battle Angel gets a villain
  • Captain Dad loses, well, dad.
  • Lee, Stan Lee.
  • Super Troopers get a Grinder.
  • Pacific Rim: Maelstrom gets a lady.
  • Vin Diesel brings the dead back to life…?
  • MI:6 brings back Tom Cruise.
  • Star Trek to discover things a little later than planned.
  • The Good Wife spinoff moves up.
  • TV Line doesn’t hate MacGyver, but a lot of others do.
  • Obsidians cast.
  • Fargo gets a McClane.
  • Star Wars not coming to TV, until it does.
  • Bloodline’s lineage comes to an end.
  • Black Mirror season 3 drops soon…?
  • Fuller House gets a new Nelson.
  • Netflix’s gotta have it.
  • No Joker in Justice League.
  • Harley gets her own movie?
  • Bats goes tactical.
  • Superman goes solo.
  • Iron Man 3‘s original villain revealed, again.
  • TV heroes now could possibly appear in Infinity War, maybe.
  • The Punisher gets a villain from an unlikely source.
  • Ghost Rider revealed.
  • Sinister confirmed. Or not. Who knows???

And that’s it. All news, and the usual tangents.

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