Episode #35 – Murdered to Death

Another week and we’re back with all the pop culture news!

  • Jon Favreau directing another live-action Disney remake.
  • Hot Wheels, Furious director.
  • Ma2ber?
  • Possible Portal movie announcement hopefully coming soon maybe.
  • Netflix goes Mute.
  • Who will go to War for the Planet of the Apes?
  • Tr6mors
  • The Purge: 24
  • ABC and NBC pick up some shows.
  • NBC goes to Italy to get a job.
  • Who is Girl 10, and what happened to the other 9?
  • Dominators to dominate the CW.
  • And superheroes fight.
  • CW gets Dynasty.
  • Watch it all in the new CW app.
  • Dave Filoni heads up all Star Wars animation.
  • Adventure Time and Archer coming to an end…eventually.
  • Amazon picks up some shows, too (three).
  • Molly Parker gets Lost…in Space.
  • Batfleck’s Batflick coming sooner than expected?
  • Suicide Squad, is, a hit.
  • Stan Lee is old, very, very old.
  • SHIELD director, Captain America?
  • What is the Fox mystery Marvel movie?

That’s it (well, that and all the tangents).

Let us know what you think of the all news format. Do you miss the main topics?

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