Episode #57 – Greedo Comin’

This week, the guys talk all the things pop culture, starting with confusing the hell out of the Mission: Impossible movies. Plus…

  • Who is Rebecca Kirby? We may never know.
  • Omar is coming to Red Cup (can we please stop calling it Red Cup?)
  • Emily Blunt IS Poppins, Mary Poppins
  • Shut up, Meg (for now).
  • Bumblebee meets the two strings
  • Gotham – good casting, shitty show
  • SuperFlash sings!
  • Who is Vigilante? Not Rebecca Kirby!
  • Chris Hardwick will never stop Talking.
  • Rebels continue to rebel
  • When will GLOW light up?
  • One More Day at a Time!
  • Who are the Inhumans? We may never…oh wait, no, we totally know!
  • X-Men tv get a mom and dad

All that, what we watched, and the usual tangents.

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