Episode #77b – Comic-Con Extravaganza, Pt. 2

The Comic-Con Extravaganza continues, as we dive deep into all the DC and Marvel news!

  • Justice League full length trailer
  • 8 movies confirmed as coming out in the next few years.
  • More “Affleck bolting Bats” rumors
  • No Black Adam in Shazam
  • The Flash movie will, at least, be titled Flashpoint
  • Hal & John confirmed for Green Lantern Corps
  • Joss Whedon starting on Batgirl next year
  • Krypton features “time travel twist”
  • Death of Superman/Reign of the Supermen getting 2 animated movies
  • Capt. Marvel will be a prequel
  • No, Mark Ruffalo did not spoil Avengers: Infinity War
  • New Thor trailer!
  • Walton Goggins joins Ant-Man and the Wasp
  • Iron Fist will return for season 2
  • Legion’s Noah Hawley Is Definitely Making a Doctor Doom Movie
  • C.Tates says Gambit will still happen
  • The Gifted will not connect to Legion or the movies
  • The Runaways will premiere this year, Nov. 21
  • All that and some tangents.

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