Episode #85 – We F— Trees With Our Hair.

This week, just like every other week, it’s all the pop culture (and some of the tangents) on the agenda.

  • Asian guy replaces white guy in Asian guy role
  • First look at Hellboy via Bloody Disgusting via Rekka Jay
  • Halloween sequel will ignore other Halloween sequels including previous Halloween sequel that ignored other Halloween sequels
  • John Wick: Chapter 3 – summer blockbuster….?
  • Brad Pitt sci-fi movie – winter blockbuster….?
  • No Mutt in Indy 5
  • No more Liam Neesons in action movies
  • Lord and Miller have some free time
  • Critics not allowed to review ST:D
  • True Lies: the Series
  • Last Week Tonight, and Trevor Noah score some big renewals
  • Jim Carrey coming back to tv again
  • SyFy picks up a George RR Martin series
  • George RR Martin finds another reason not to finish his next book
  • Titans get a villain….or two????
  • From His Nap gets a very familiar director and new release date
  • Patty Jenkins returns to Wonder Woman as Matthew Vaughn talks about Superman

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One thought on “Episode #85 – We F— Trees With Our Hair.

  1. I’m actively getting mad listening to your experiences with IT, but this also reaffirms my decision to basically not see anything in the theater anymore.

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