Episode #99 – The Reason for the Season

Before we dive in, there is another round of LAST JEDI SPOILERS @ 1:12:25. Skip to 1:29:28 if you want to, umm, skip them. 

Ocean’s 8 trailer

Sicario 2 trailer

Tarantino’s fucking Star Trek has a writer

Michael Myers is back….again

The 3rd version of a story no one wanted a 2nd version (The Grinch) of is released

Statham v. The Meg

New Promo Image From Bumblebee: The Movie, a Transformers Spin-off

Frozen 2 gets a release date

Is NBC heading back to The Office? Probably. 

Arrow can’t use Deathstroke anymore. 

Netflix, the new cable?

Netflix orders Bright 2

Chappelle returns, again and again, on NYE

Han Solo is a gangster…movie

And The Last Jedi is still dividing fans

Gambit will finally start shooting in March….yeah, ok….

Somehow they already know how much Black Panther is going to make opening weekend

All that and the usual tangents (spoiler alert, I got The Switch!).

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