Weekend Watch – 01/26/2018

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Loren: I just added the other two movies in this franchise to my list. I’m curious but know that they can’t be good per se. If I enjoy one or both of those I may give this a shot, but I’m not running out to the theater for it.

RDT: I haven’t seen any of these. So, I doubt I’m gonna start with this one.

Rick: This is the movie that nearly killed Dylan O’Brien. For his sake, I hope it does well, but I am not going to see it.

Jen: How do you type out a shrug emoji? Like which keys do you use? I always end up cutting and pasting cause I just can’t figure it out.

Limited Release

American Folk

Loren: There might be a sweet movie in there but I’ll never know.

RDT: 35 seconds. That’s how long I lasted into the trailer. So, yeah, hard pass.

Rick: Meeehhhh…?

Jen: It’s the Indie-est Indie Movie that ever movied. No thanks.

The Competition

Loren: Gee, I wonder how this movie will turn out for these horrible people. On second thought, no I don’t.

RDT: I met Chris Klein once. He couldn’t remember the name of the Cobra villain with the metal mask (Destro). That’s all I got.

Rick: Remember Thora Birch and Chris Klein? Be prepared to forget them again when no one sees this movie. Also, these people are assholes. What kind of bet is that to make against your friends’ relationships?

Jen: She cheats on him because she’s afraid of commitment, but then HE doesn’t cheat on HER and she realizes she loves him and they both win. Can we go home now?


Loren: Meh, this looks pretty paint by numbers. I think I’m good.

RDT: If Rick screens it, I’ll watch (parts of) it (through my fingers).

Rick: It looks like a thousand other “people stalked by some weirdo in the woods” movies, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Call it a maybe.

Jen: Coming soon to a theater near you: a movie! It’s fine.

Kickboxer: Retaliation

Loren: Reads Ricks entry: Hit me up when you crack those beers. Could be fun.

RDT: I haven’t seen these since the original. Will I be lost?

Rick: I don’t expect much out of Kickboxer sequels, but the last one was a bit underwhelming. I attribute most of that to the lead actor. He’s kind of flat. Still, if it’s cheap enough, I’ll crack a beer or three and watch this one on-demand. I’m a sucker for martial arts movies.

Jen: I had so many jokes and comments to put here but then I realized they’re all related to Bloodsport not Kickboxer. Ah well.

Lover For a Day

(trailer is kinda NSFW)

Loren: This is not for me.

RDT: What Jen said.

Rick: Feels like a good rainy afternoon movie. Since I live in LA I might have to settle for a cloudy afternoon movie instead.

Jen: A gotta say that NSFW tag made me excited to get home and watch this trailer. I was… underwhelmed.

Please Stand By

Loren: I couldn’t get past two things in that trailer. One: Why did those titles looks like they were made in iMovie? Two: Where does that dog go for half the trailer? He better not die is all I’m saying.

RDT: Looks a little indie-cliched, but something in there clicked with me. I’ll give it a shot eventually.

Rick: I’m on the fence. I like the cast, but I feel like the trailer gave too much away. :/

Jen: How much time do you have? I have a daughter with autism. Seeing some of her quirks played out on the big screen is both attractive and repellent at the same time. I appreciate that Hollywood is trying to be more inclusive of people on the spectrum, but a saccharine-sweet story with no stakes seems a bit old fashioned. I think I’m going to see this and will have a LOT of opinions when it’s done – maybe even enough for a written piece (!) on my theory that late 90s-early 2000s manic pixie dream girls were simply undiagnosed Spectrum-ites themselves.

Tik Tik Tik

(turn on the YouTube captions when you watch)

Loren: So it’s India’s Armageddon meets Now You See Me meets Gravity? Interesting.

RDT: I have no idea what I just watched.

Rick: I gotta hand it to India. They’re really stepping up their game. This looks like a fun sci-if actioner. I’ll keep this on my radar.

Jen: Hot Indian Space Magician saves the world? I like it.



Britannia – Season 1

Loren: Everyone still trying to get their own Game of Thrones, I see. I will most likely forget about this by the time I get through the next one.

RDT: Eh.

Rick: Meh.

Jen: Oh yeah, Loren’s right. This IS a Game of Thrones knock off. I don’t have time for another period fantasy epic at the moment.



Loren: So choose your own adventure for adults? Cool.

RDT: Sure, why not. (Once John Oliver is back and I’ve renewed HBO.)

Rick: Yep. Totally in.

Jen: I have no idea if this will be any good, but I am absolutely going to give it a go.

The Number on Great-Grandpa’s Arm

Loren: I have a hard time with Holocaust docs so I’m a maybe on this.

RDT: Maybe….but probably not.

Rick: Seems to be a rise in Holocaust docs lately. I like the use of rotoscope animation for the flashbacks. It gives them more efficacy than the standard stock footage and talking heads.

Jen: That was a weirdly short and oddly cut trailer. The angle of him telling this story to his great-grandchildren is an extra-tearjerker. We’ll see if my heart can stand it.


Dirty Money – Season 1

Loren: I’m already mad about these people just from the trailer. Let’s see how mad they can make me. In. Also, Martin Shkreli has the most punchable face. It’s astounding.

RDT: What Rick said.

Rick: This trailer did two things: 1) reminded me of how many other documentaries I still haven’t seen, and 2) got my blood boiling. I think I’d get an ulcer watching this.

Jen: I’m glad they did this as a 6-part series instead of a one-off doc. Anger that inspires action is righteous anger. I’m ready to be righteously angry.

A Futile and Stupid Gesture

Loren: Yes, please.


Rick: I would tell them to shut up and take my money, but Netflix already billed me for the month.


One Day at a Time – Season 2

Loren: I know RDT enjoyed Season 1, I never bothered.

RDT: I loved season 1. Definitely in for season 2.

Rick: Never got into the first season. I’m going to pass.

Jen: I saw the billboard for this on my way to work the other day and thought ‘good for you, show!” I’m not going to watch it, but I’m happy for it.

Todd Glass: Act Happy

Loren: Could be funny. I’ll check it out.

RDT: Eh, never been a big Todd Glass fan.

Rick: Eeh. Might make for good laundry-folding comedy.

Jen: Meh, I’ll give it a shot but I don’t feel too strongly.




Loren: This sure does seem to be glorifying David Koresh doesn’t it?

RDT: Sure, except I have no idea how to watch this.

Rick: Since I don’t have cable I’ll have to wait until it hits home video, but I’m totally in.

Jen: Michael Shannon elevates everything he’s in, but I’m not sure I’m ready to hear Koresh’s side of the story.


Conan Without Borders: Haiti

Loren: I’ll give this a go. Who doesn’t like bad jokes?

RDT: Sure. I love me some Conan.

Rick: It’s a truly sad state of affairs when comedians have more empathy for foreign nations than our own president.

Jen: Yep. I feel like I need to watch this to cleanse my palate after the days news.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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