Episode #108 – Or Whatever They Call It…

The boys are back, after a little break to nerd out and travel. Here to tackle all the pop culture news.

  • Bond 25 gets one of two directors
  • Jurassic World 3: Jurassic Park 6
  • T6 will be back
  • Rush Hour 4 Life….?
  • More ‘store
  • New Magnum
  • Run, Iris, Run
  • I’m not Drunk History, season 6, you are
  • John Oliver is innocent!
  • Krypton’s Brainiac revealed
  • Amazon chasing Games of Thrones by adapting everything
  • Netflix sticking to series, less movies
  • Lost in Space reboot trailer
  • Muppets coming back, again
  • So is the Blair Witch
  • Shazam hair, and official costume photo coming soon
  • Joss Whedon departs the DCEU
  • Flash directors still not officially directing The Flash movie
  • X-Force shooting in the fall…?
  • Silver & Black delayed

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