Weekend Watch – 03/16/18

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Tomb Raider

Loren: I had hope for this one but after that first trailer that I broke down here, my hope started dwindling. I think video game movies are a lot tougher to make than studios give credit for. There should be dozens of hours of story content in a good video game and it’s really hard to boil that down to 120 minutes. Too bad.

RDT: Reviews are pretty middling and none of the trailers have been impressive, but I have an Arclight credit burning a hole in my pocket. So, I may just check it out anyway. Or maybe I’ll see Love, Simon instead.

The Lady™: I’m stoked that we’re getting a female led, big budget action movie…I just wish I cared to see it.

Jen: The Lady speaks the truth. I especially love that they’ve toned down her sexiness a smidge so it’s about enjoying her exploits and not exploiting her body. However, I have no interest in seeing this movie.

Love, Simon

Loren: That looks like a nice version of your typical love story. I did really enjoy the coming out as straight part at the end.

RDT: A very 2018 coming of age story. I can get behind that. Maybe not in the theaters (or, maybe so in the theaters, see aforementioned credit), but definitely streaming.

The Lady™: This looks lovely! The world needs a feel good story right now. Bonus points for casting Katherine Langford as the BFF. Consider me sold.

Jen: I wish the whole trailer had been the ending – it really sold me on the premise in a way the rest of it didn’t. It feels a little too huggy-lovey and sweet for my taste, but if that gets a good coming out story to play in Peoria then I’m for it.

7 Days in Entebbe

Loren: Daniel Brühl always seems to play a conflicted bad guy, maybe it’s because he’s so good at it.

RDT: Interesting trailer, but it’s currently at 17% on Rotten Tomatoes. So, I will likely pass.

The Lady™: As much as I love a good 70s spy-esque movie, nothing about the trailer is really grabbing me. I’ll likely be skipping this one.

Jen: I’ve seen this story before in documentaries and as a feature. While the raid on Entebbe was an amazing feat, I don’t think this is bringing anything new to the table.

Limited Release


Loren: Remember when Samuel Goldwyn Films was the A24 of it’s day? What happened?

RDT: Can I just watch Westworld instead?

The Lady™: Is she trying to seduce her, or adopt her? My epic undying love for Evan Rachel Wood will force me to see this, and I’ll probably be very weirded out by the end.

Jen: This doesn’t look as trashy as it feels. I don’t really mean that as a compliment.


Loren: I think I’m all set on low rent Lolita.

RDT: Holy shit. That just looks terrible.

The Lady™: Woof. That looks rough. All in for Sophie Turner playing a baby psychopath, completely out on literally every other aspect of this movie.

Jen: I’m just going to find Poison Ivy on the stream-box instead.

The Forgiven

Loren: I tuned out about halfway through that trailer. Sorry.

RDT: I kept waiting for Forest Whitaker to show up. Then I realized that was him in that awful makeup. I have no other thoughts about this movie.

The Lady™: 

Jen: There haven’t been a lot of movies about Desmond Tutu and I’m sure if this one were any good it’d be released in December pusing an Oscar nom for Whitaker, so I’m guessing it’s not…

I Can Only Imagine

Loren: I guess it’s finally time for a white male to get the singer/songwriter with a troubled past movie.

RDT: I have three questions. 1.) Am I supposed to know what this song is? 2.) Is this a Jesus movie? Because it looks like a Jesus movie. 3.) It’s all in his head, right?
Also, that’s a dangerous title. I Can Only Imagine….what a good version of this movie is.

The Lady™: In my head the song is just four and half minutes of the guy sing-yelling “I can only imagine!!” repeatedly. Also, why is that forty year old letting his dad yell at him like that?

Jen: RDT it IS a Jesus movie. This is a real hit Christian rock song that has “inspired millions” and this is the untold story of the blah blah blah… no thanks.

Dear Dictator

Loren: I mean, that looks terrible but it might be fun in a stupid sort of way. Alright for backhanded compliments!

RDT: Well doesn’t that look weird as fuck. I’m kinda into it.

The Lady™: Pretty sure this movie’s garbage, but Michael Kane is in it, and I laughed several times during the trailer. I’m very confused.

Jen: Hmmmm, interesting. Sure, why not?

Journey’s End

Loren: I can’t tell if there’s a gay love story in there or they’re just British.

RDT: I think I’d prefer the movie’s end. Zing!

The Lady™: The most British movie that ever Britished!

Jen: At least it’s not a WWII movie? WWI was just too brutal to imagine, I don’t know that I really want to sit through 2 hours of people getting ready to die horribly for no reason.

Ramen Heads

Loren: There was this vegetarian ramen place across the street from my last gig that I would get at least once a week. Now I’m totally craving that. Oh the movie? Yeah, it looks alright.

RDT: I’ve only had real ramen once. It was really good. Not sure why I never had it again. I should change that.

The Lady™: 

Jen: Well now I have to get ramen ASAP. That was a better commercial for the food than it was for the movie.

Apartment 212

Loren: This started to feel a little like Cabin Fever, and my main problem with that movie is that a virus is a pretty shitty “boogeyman”. At least they added in the vermin. I mean, I’m not going to see this movie, but at least it has that.

RDT: Yeah, I’m good.

The Lady™: I feel like this may have been written as a comedy, but shot as a straight horror movie?

Jen: Meh. This could be some sort of camp classic horror film I watch at some future Halloween gathering, but other than that I can’t imagine myself seeing it.


Loren: I’m not sure I could think of two different places more than China and Maine. Having those kids in that situation, that’s fascinating.

RDT: I’m into this. Looks interesting.

The Lady™: I’m intrigued to see how American culture stands up to the kids expectations.

Jen: Fascinating, I’m in too. And we all want to see this doc? That’s high praise from this group!

Demon House

Loren: So is the house possessed? Maybe it’ll get… repossessed?… Get it?… I got nothing.

RDT: Yeah, given the title, I know I’m never going to watch this.

The Lady™: No no nope nope NOPE. Didn’t even finish the trailer!

Jen: So this is a long-form version of those paranormal investigative shows on basic cable? Pass.





On My Block, season 1

Loren: I don’t know that I need another teen coming of age series in my life, but if I hear good things, maybe.

RDT: Too many shows!!!

The Lady™: Wait…did they fix highschool?! Is it fun now??!!

Jen: As long as it doesn’t get too after-school special, I’m down. I like that it’s a coming of age story from a completely different perspective than we’re used to and it has both male and female points-of-view. Not much like this out there at the moment that’s light but rings true, I’ll give it a chance.


Loren: I actually can’t believe it took this long to remake Benji.

RDT: I loved the Benji movies when I was a kid. I’m not a kid anymore.

The Lady™: I mean, yeah, the dog’s wicked cute. But I’m never gonna see this.

Jen: My four-year-old –

Me –  


Ricky Gervais: Humanity

Loren: It’s odd, as you all know I love stand-up, but I think I like the lesser known comics and specials more than the big extravagant ones.

RDT: I go back and forth on Gervais. He can be very funny, but also seems super full of himself. I’ll give it 5-10 minutes and go from there.

The Lady™: *massive thumbs up*
If I didn’t have to go to work, I’d be watching this right now.

Jen: I don’t want to like Ricky Gervais but damn he always makes me laugh. I just can’t help it. Even this trailer made me giggle – I might even check this out tonight.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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From Hollywood,
–Loren, RDT, The Lady™, and Jen

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