Episode #136 – I Paid For A Year Upfront

Once again the guys are here with all of the Entertainment News from the week that was. They’ve got stories like:

  • Oscars “postpone” best popular film category
  • Apparently, Halloween is good
  • Mattel launches a film division
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine expands NBC Season to 18 episodes
  • The CW is developing a Nancy Drew show
  • Veronica Mars returning to Hulu, don’t get them confused
  • Netflix picked up Designated Survivor for some reason
  • Timothy Dalton cast as The Chief in Doom Patrol
  • Swamp Thing to be hard R and practical
  • Henry Cavill will be Geralt in the Witcher series
  • Entertainment Weekly gives first look for Captain Marvel

All that, a huge Star Wars tangent up front, and of course the Weekly Watched!

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