Episode #137 – My dog farts a lot…

This week, while the guys talk pop culture entertainment news, my dog clears the room. Multiple times. I should probably take him to the vet.

  • What’s old (Bond 25 writers) is new (Bond 25 writers) again.
  • The dragon training is over.
  • Designing Women will start designing again
  • NBC puts 3 high profile shows into development
  • Lean On Me Again, Lady!
  • Lois Lane and Nora Fries come to the CW
  • Aaron Paul heads west
  • AMC (and only AMC) expects The Walking Dead to last another decade
  • Sabrina trailer
  • Batgirl coming to DCU? (No.)
  • Robin meets Robin
  • The Death of (Henry Cavill as) Superman
  • BatHamm returns?
  • First look at Joaquin Phoenix as Joker Arthur Fleck???
  • Venom confirmed as not good….no, PG-13 (and also not good…probably).

All that, what we watched and the usual tangents.

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One thought on “Episode #137 – My dog farts a lot…

  1. The most famous basketball show was “The White Shadow”, but that was in the late 70s. Hasn’t really been on since except for a teen-centric one in the mid-90s called “Hang Time” that was about the students.

    The Hulu app is different on every platform. They have to meet different coding standards for each device. The Roku one is different than the one I use on my Nvidia Shield. The one on the Shield is better, honestly. It’s like it was before the big revamp. However, I don’t have any issues with the Roku one in my TV.

    That Blair Witch movie should have kept its original title (The Woods). If people didn’t know going in that it was a Blair Witch movie I think it would have fared better.

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