Weekend Watch – 09/28/18

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release


Loren: It’s a cute idea for a story and a fun voice cast. I can’t see myself running out to the theater for it but I’ll watch it at home at some point.

RDT: I like the voice cast….and that’s about it.

Hell Fest

Loren: What if Halloween Horror nights was real. Sure why not.

RDT: Scary = no RDT.

Night School

Loren: Maaaan, I really like Taran Killam but that movie is not for me. I don’t find either Kevin Hart or Tiffany Haddish funny so there’s that.

RDT: To date, I have only liked Kevin Hart in Jumanji. I don’t expect that to change until the next Jumanji. Maybe…

The Old Man & The Gun

Loren: That looks really good. I wish they hadn’t have Afflecked it all up.

RDT: This is getting really good reviews. And is supposedly Redford’s last acting appearance. I’ll keep it on my radar.

Limited Release

Trico Tri: Happy Halloween

Loren: This looks like the lamest version of Beetlejuice ever. Also, what the hell is Trico Tri?

RDT: Isn’t it a kind of meat? Like, “I’ll get the Trico Tri, potato salad and a piece of cornbread.” The meat may be good, but the movie looks pretty bad.

The Samuel Project

Loren: There seems like a lot going here, but I like it conceptually. I wish it was shot a little better but the art/animated sections are a nice device. I don’t know that I’ll ever get around to this when it’s all said and done.

RDT: I agree with Loren. Well intentioned, but could’ve used a little more pedigree behind the camera.

The Padre

Loren: I kinda want to pair that with Desperado and maybe something like Sabotage. But I dig it. I doubt it’s good, but sometimes that doesn’t matter.

RDT: I dunno, I was kinda into that. Great cast. I’ll keep it on my radar.

The Healer

Loren: It’s too bad that charity isn’t going to get any money, because even if that movie only cost like a million dollars to make it’s not going to net a profit.

RDT: Ok, that trailer is all over the place. And I wish they hadn’t revealed the twist. AND it looks terrible. But, I dunno, I was kinda into it. Plus it goes to help a good cause!

Summer ‘03

Loren: That’s not the usual movie about blowjobs that I watch. Those are normally much shorter.

RDT: Is the “coming of age” movie the new “superhero” movie? I feel like we’re getting one almost every weekend. But like superhero movies, as long as they’re good, I don’t care. And when they’re not, I don’t care. Can’t quite tell with this one.

Sui Dhaaga: Made In India

Loren: I… I don’t care.

RDT: What he said.

Monsters and Men

Loren: Powerful stuff. This looks well made and is obviously telling a story that continues to need to be told. I fear for the inevitable backlash it’s going to receive.

RDT: Tough subject. But one worth exploring. I’ll keep this on my radar, too.

Little Women

Loren: Ballsy (or not I guess) take to update the time period. Sadly that didn’t look good enough to get me to see this story told again.

RDT: Again, what he said.

Golden Job

Loren: Sure I guess. I’ve seen worse versions of this.

RDT: If it’s worth watching, Rick will screen it.


Free Solo

Loren: You can’t take away that is one of the most impressive feats out there. You also can’t get me to see this movie.

RDT: There’s a Han Solo joke in there somewhere. But it’s late, and Loren is waiting for me to finish.


Loren: Part of me wants to think that looks good, but I know better than that. That hair and accent alone proves to me that it won’t be.

RDT: I’ll wait for Cruise 2: Speed Control

Black 47

Loren: Huh. Who knew? I guess there was this one man army badass that fought back against the English during the Irish Famine. Why didn’t we learn about this shit in school?

RDT: What’s Irish for “meh?”

Bad Reputation

Loren: Though it looks like a fairly standard music doc, I do love Joan Jett and the Runaways. On to the Doc Doc™ it goes.

RDT: I’m not a music guy. Pass.

At First Light

Loren: This is definitely something we’ve seen multiple times before. This doesn’t look any better or worse than any of those.

RDT: Yeah, I’ll just watch Chronicle again, and I don’t even like Chronicle.

All About Nina

Loren: Let’s see, I like Mary Elizabeth Winstead, I like stand up, I like seeing people’s dreams crushed by the succubus known as LA. I don’t see why I wouldn’t be all about this movie.

RDT: Oh yeah, I’m totally into this.

3 Years In Pakistan: The Erik Audé Story

Loren: I haven’t seen a doc use straight up recreations as a device in forever. I would rather it be one way or the other though. Either it’s a news piece or it’s a narrative. I don’t want them smushed together.

RDT: And once again, Loren hits the nail on the head.

Above and Beyond Acoustic: Giving Up The Day Job

Loren: This would be a lot more impactful if I had known Above and Beyond’s music before seeing this trailer. I do love the idea of an electronic group kind of aging out of the scene but still wanting to be musicians. On the other side I don’t know that this would keep my interest for a feature length movie. Maybe, a short would be better served.

RDT: You know what I’m going to say to this.



Hold The Dark

Loren: I don’t think I understand, but I want to. Into the queue with you.

RDT: I wrote a report about wolves in the 6th grade. A girl named Gabrielle helped me. I got an A thanks to her. In an alternate timeline, we’ve been married 20 years and have 3 amazing kids. Or she’s the Winnie Cooper to my Kevin Arnold. Regardless, in this timeline, I never saw her again after 6th grade “graduation” (because that’s a thing). Anyway, this looks fine.

Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father Season 2

Loren: I really find Jack Whitehall funny on the panel shows I’ve seen him on. I also meant to watch the first season and then didn’t. I hope to catch up on both of these seasons soon.

RDT: I heard decent things about season 1. So, maybe if I catch up with that, I’ll give this a shot.

Chef’s Table Season 5

Loren: I always forget how beautifully this show is shot. I don’t know that I care about these stories but damn do they look nice.

RDT: This is a show I absolutely need to catch up on. It’s in the queue already.

Lessons From A School Shooting: Notes From Dunblane

Loren: I grew up about a half an hour from Newtown. I remember the day of the Sandy Hook shooting vividly, which is odd for me, I barely remember last week. I remember seeing the breaking news on a TV in the lobby of the building I was working in and being stupefied. This wasn’t something that was supposed to happen in our sleepy little community. I immediately started calling my friends from back home that were still in the area, many of which have kids the same age or are teachers. Thankfully everyone I knew personally was ok. I don’t know if I have the constitution to have all those feelings dredged up again.

RDT: I think I’ll leave this one to Loren as well. Strong words for a rough subject.


King Lear

Loren: I’m always a sucker for Shakespeare set in modern times. Plus, Jesus, look at that cast. If I remember that Amazon exists I’ll check this out.

RDT: Cool. **shrugs**

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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From Hollywood,

–Loren and RDT

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