Episode #139 – Explosions, yeah!!! Midriff, sexy!!!

The guys are back at Dog Hair Manor to talk all things entertainment.

All that, what we watched and the usual tangents.

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2 thoughts on “Episode #139 – Explosions, yeah!!! Midriff, sexy!!!

  1. I will freely admit to being a Michael Bay Transformers movies apologist. Objectively those movies are not strong (particularly 2 and 4), and I have pages of notes for recuts that I’ll probably never get around to, but they hit the right nostalgia buttons for me. I watched the show as a kid and have seen nearly every cartoon iteration. Honestly, as a fan, Bumblebee looks like the live action Transformers movie I’ve always wanted. I’m just hoping they recruited as many of the original voice actors as possible.

    Also, I would totally host that Rocky marathon (minus part 5, which is hot garbage).

    1. Look, I unabashedly love Grease 2 and Road House. I can’t fault you for liking those movies…..I guess.

      And yes, please do a Rocky/Creed marathon!!! Before November 21!!!


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