Episode #147 – Welcome to Dog Hair Estates!

The guys are at RDT’s new apartment talking all things pop culture.

All that, what we watched and the usual tangents.

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One thought on “Episode #147 – Welcome to Dog Hair Estates!

  1. I guess I’m in the minority. I can’t say I love it, but I like Fallout 76. There is a main quest line, a ton of side quests, and multiple mysteries to solve in the world. It’s a little odd not having NPCs, but it’s actually more of a challenge to find all the quests because you have to dig into terminals/be on the lookout for holotapes. You can play alone (like I prefer to) or actually make a squad and go do the events like other MMOs. I like that it gives you the option. Sure, you get fancy stuff if you do the events, but I don’t really care about that.

    Is it lacking in a little polish? Sure, but I wouldn’t call it unfinished, at least on Xbox. PC and PS4 have had issues, but the worst thing I’ve had is some lag and a character didn’t spawn in where it was supposed to, so I had to abandon that quest for the time being. I guess it comes down to what your expectations were, and I wasn’t expecting it to be more than a big piece of DLC. If I want more of a full-fledged experience, I’ll dive back into Fallout 3 or New Vegas, or into the New California mod that came out last month on PC.

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