Weekend Watch – 10/04/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release


Loren: I’ve made my case for why I don’t think this should be a Joker movie a few times now, so I won’t rehash that here. Couple that with how director Todd Philips kinda flipped out after being questioned about this movie and I think I’m out until it’s free. I do think the take that at least incels have their Superman is pretty funny but that’s about it.

RDT: My curiosity is going to get the better of me, I know it (even if I am wrong about my fan theory). So, I’ll likely be seeing this this weekend.

Rick: I read an early, non-spoiler review of this after this debuted at the Venice Film Festival. Sadly, it seems there is not, as RDT hoped, some sort of hallucination element involved (which I’d have been totally on board with). For better or worse, it’s a stab at a Joker origin tale. I’m intensely curious, but also feel like this movie doesn’t need to exist. I’ll probably wait until the end of its theatrical run to catch it on the cheap.

Jen: I feel like this is just a modern Taxi Driver, and I really didn’t like Taxi Driver (sorry) so I’m fine with skipping this one. After going through a few of the films opening this week I was depressed by the lack of female representation, so I bring you the Female Count, a count of main female characters in each film (TV is a different animal) sort of my version of the Bechdel test (which 99% of this weeks movies would fail) Female count: I’m going to say the overbearing mom and the dreamgirl next door add up to 1 fully realized character

AJ: To be totally honest, my irrational fear of clowns is going to keep me from seeing this, but I am okay with that.

Limited Release

Wrinkles the Clown

Loren: Awesome. I’ll hope that it makes a Horror Fest in the near future.

RDT: Yeah, fuck that.

Rick: I giggled with glee through that entire trailer. My only complaint is that it’s not just called Wrinkles. Shortening the title feels more effective to me. This will get my on-demand monies.

Jen: I honestly couldn’t tell if this was a documentary or mockumentary. Well done trailer. Female count: unless that clown is a woman (that would be a kick ass twist) 0

AJ: JESUS CHRIST WHO IS DOING THIS TO ME. *runs into panic room, slams door*


Loren: I don’t understand the point of this movie. I can’t tell if the lead is supposed to be some sort of tragic figure or the anti hero (gross) or what. Will the ravers save his soul? Who cares?

RDT: I really have no interest in this movie.

Rick: 1) Don’t try to humanize this person, even in a fictionalized interpretation of the story. 2) This movie has been sitting around since 2017, and releasing it now, or ever, feels like poor taste. 3) I already saw We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011), and that was harrowing enough.

Jen: Is this crazy Incel/spree shooter/psychopath week? Is everyone trying to jump on the Joker bandwagon? Female count: well there’s the girl who orgasmed from drugs and the Asian one who does a lot of drugs so 2?

AJ: I guess we can’t avoid people – creative people – wanting to be topical, but I just can’t with this much reality. (P.S. I only say this because I had to look up the summary of this movie because that trailer explains nothing.)

The Parts You Lose

Loren: I mean, I guess? But with that kind of ringing endorsement maybe I’ll just skip it.

RDT: It looks fine, I guess. I dunno. **shrugs**

Rick: I’m on board with this cast, but this trailer did nothing for me. I’ll wait for reviews.

Jen: That feels like a downer. I’ll pass. Female count: the mom! Ha – c’mon this is a daddy issues movie

AJ: I think Aaron Paul is a compelling actor and I think the premise here is original. But it just didn’t grab me. And my petty feedback is that the font they use in this trailer is so basic.

Semper Fi

Loren: Not enough Nicolas Cage. This is something I would only watch on my couch when I’m extremely bored.

RDT: Guys, I just have no energy for these movies this week.

Rick: I had the exact same reaction to the line “I’m gonna break him out” as the other characters in the movie did. This looks dumb. Super out.

Jen: The quality of this is much better than I would expect for the story they are trying to tell, but it still looks like something I’d find in the dollar DVD bin. Female count: the one who says “just bring him back to me” barf

AJ: This looks like something my dad would have dragged my mom to see on a Saturday afternoon when nothing is going on. So I feel this weird tinge like I wanna see it, if that makes any sense. And I find Nat Wolff’s casting here an interesting choice.

Rogue Warfare


Loren: This is just the plot of every Call of Duty game.

RDT: If I don’t play the video game this rips off, I’m not gonna watch the movie.

Rick: Hey, have you seen a covert ops movie in the last twenty years? Cool. Then you can probably skip this one.

Jen: I was going to make a joke about drinking everytime there’s a woman on screen in one of the trailers this week, but they did have one super-hot female soldier in this, so I guess they showed me. Female count: the hot one

AJ: Lots of machismo this weekend, isn’t there? Pass on this.


Loren: Great work in doing something completely different and out of your wheelhouse James, he said sarcastically.

RDT: Sometimes, Franco is great. I suspect this is not one of those times.

Rick: So, it’s James Franco’s riff on Godard’s Jules and Jim? Pass.

Jen: OK, so the trailer gods are trying to appease me by having a main female character, however she’s the male-gaze fantasy of the leads – oh and there’s the whiny harpy character too! Female count: 2

AJ: I don’t really know, from the trailer at least, what this movie is about. But it’s from “The Director of The Disaster Artist.” (And that’s James Franco, BTW.)

Pain and Glory

Loren: Not because I don’t speak Spanish but, say what now?

RDT: I’ve heard Antonio Banderas is doing his career best work here. So much so that I may actually watch this, even with the reading.

Rick: You had me at Pedro Almodovar.

Jen: Thank you Pedro Almodovar for breaking the streak. I would expect nothing less than fully realized female characters from him and also this looks like a pretty good film on it’s own merits. Antonio Banderas has still got it. Female count: Penelope Cruz

AJ: I think Antonio Banderas gets overlooked a lot and it’s cool he got the Cannes “Best Actor” trophy for this one. Pedro Almodovar always makes interesting films and I think this is semi-autobiographical so perhaps this will be the most interesting yet. Torn on if I’ll see it or not.

My Soul To Keep

Loren: Having the kids be the leads is a gamble but it looks like it may have paid off. I don’t see myself running out to see this one, but if it pops up some day maybe I’ll give it a go.

RDT: Go read what AJ wrote.

Rick: I’m getting The Gate vibes from this, but I’m not convinced that it’ll be 1) as much fun, or 2) effective. Call it a maybe if it gets any decent word of mouth.

Jen: I like that this is kid-led, seeing it through the child’s eyes, the trailer alone really made me feel for my 5YO who is afraid of the “shadows with eyes” in her room at night. Female count: Bitchy older sister and terrified neighbor girl – par for the horror course I’d say

AJ: No thank you, scary movie. Also, this plot seems un-original. I will defer to Rick to confirm.

Memory: The Origins of Alien

Loren: I don’t know that I need a feature length doc about Alien. Or most movies really.

RDT: Is there really more to learn about Alien?

Rick: We’re still making documentaries about Alien? I love this movie, but really? After all the exhaustive special features on various home video releases (seriously, hours upon hours of material), what is left to say about the making of this movie that hasn’t been said ad nauseum?

Jen: I love Alien and as Rick says, there’s already lots out there, but I’d spend some time on the couch streaming this or listening while washing some dishes or the like. Female count: since this movie is about the OG badass female character, I won’t even dignify that.

AJ: If I were a big fan of Alien, I’d be totally in for this. And here’s where I confess: I’ve never seen it.

Lucy In The Sky

Loren: I might have been into this movie but then she had to go and start an affair with my nemesis. Looks like Lucy has some ‘splaining to do! AMIRITE!?!?!

RDT: I was intrigued by this but, like Rick said, early word does not seem to be great. I’ll still likely check it out eventually.

Rick: Early word is that this is poor/borderline unwatchable. It’s a shame. I was looking forward to a smart sci-fi movie after being incredibly underwhelmed with Ad Astra. Also, I prefer the movie’s original title, Pale Blue Dot.

Jen: This movie is about a lady? A lady astronaut? Neat-O. I mean she’s a lady who goes crazy and becomes obsessed with a man but, this week, I’m calling it a win. Female count: Black Swan in space and third (or more?) overbearing mom of the week – trifecta!

AJ: Do you think they named Natalie Portman’s character “Lucy” just to use that song and call the movie that? I predict this movie is not good but Portman’s performance is.  But that haircut (wig?) is bloody awful. I’m sure it will be/is mentioned in most or all of the reviews.

Low Tide

Loren: That’s a really solid trailer and I hope that the acting in the actual film can hold up to it.

RDT: Looks like a different kind of teen movie. Sure, why not.

Rick: This is kind of typical for a lot of crime/heist movies, just with the spin of it being teenagers. I enjoy me a good heist movie, but this looks kind of by-the-numbers to me.

Jen: I agree with AJ there’s a lot of Goonies DNA here, not necessarily in a bad way, but I’m pretty meh on this whole affair. Female count: the one the boy tries to impress

AJ: I feel a little Goonies influence here, just from the “buried treasure” aspect but it’s clearly more action-packed and mature. Looks promising to me.


Loren: What is it, Incel week? Once again I can’t tell if it’s glorifying/humanizing these sad little men. And honestly I’m not going to watch it to find out.

RDT: If not for AJ’s thoughts below, I don’t know that I would want to see something like this.

Rick: This looks bloody fascinating and really well made. Definitely in.

Jen: I’m sure this is a great film if you really want to dive into Alt-Right Incel culture. I’m good thanks. Female count: who are we kidding at this point?

AJ: I’ve actually seen this movie and it surprised me — it is very indie but well made, great performances, and profoundly topical. I don’t know if I would have paid to see it so I’m glad I got a sneak peak.



Nikki Glaser: Bangin’

Loren: When in the right mood I actually really like Glaser’s stuff. This most likely will get added to the stand-up rotation.

RDT: I’m about ½ way through it and it’s…..fine?

Rick: Ehhhhh…maybe…? Like as background while I’m cleaning, but probably not.

Jen: Believe it or not, I’m not into this level of raunch, I’m just happy it’s a G-D woman!

AJ: I’m actually with you, Jen. And not a fan of hers in general anyway. (Her show for Comedy Central wasn’t great.)

Living Undocumented

Loren: Powerful stuff. Take it away AJ.

RDT: What AJ said.

Rick: See AJ’s entry.

Jen: AJ’s response sort of hits the nail on the head here, I won’t bother to paraphrase her.

AJ: You gotta stand up and clap for the undocumented immigrants profiled in this documentary. They’re literally risking their lives to bring an important subject to light. They’re bringing humanity to something we keep seeing on the news – a medium much easier to remain emotionally distant from. I can’t stand that this is a part of our culture now — to be tearing apart families. This is not right. I will probably hate watch this.

In The Tall Grass

Loren: Could be good for a pre Halloween scare. Sure why not.

RDT: Shit, I liked that trailer. Crap. I may have to watch this. Poop.

Rick: In my head while I’m watching the trailer: “Man, this feels a lot like Cube.” *Writer/Director’s name comes up at the end* Me: “Oh, right. He wrote/directed Cube.” Word of mouth on this is pretty good so far. I’ll probably give it a spin.

Jen: My curiosity is piqued, I’d check this out. Although it does feel like someone challenged Stephen King to make the most innocuous thing scary – grass.

AJ: Nope. No. No way. That is terrifying. Effective trailer, Netflix.

Raising Dion

Loren: I was saying on the podcast a couple weeks ago when this trailer dropped that I was kinda over the non IP superhero thing. That feeling hasn’t changed. This looks well made and all, I just wish he didn’t have all of the powers at once. Maybe just be Jean Grey instead of the entirety of the X-Men.

RDT: I feel like I should be into this but I’m just not. If the reviews are good, I might give it a watch.

Rick: So, it’s basically X-Men: The Beginning mixed with elements of Midnight Special/Firestarter? Not that this is inherently a bad thing. It looks well made, but the fact that it’s really derivative kind of turns me off.

Jen: The mother-son bond here really warmed by heart-cockles. And it looks well done. I’m down to check it out.

AJ: Yeah, I’m probably gonna watch this. Great music in that trailer, by the way.

Rotten Season 2

Loren: I think I’m just going to keep my head in the sand.

RDT: I’m good, y’all.

Rick: I feel like we covered the first season. If we didn’t, Netflix sure as hell pushed it at me in their documentary section. Anyway, if you don’t know that the food industry is corrupt as hell, then you’ve been hiding under a rock. Not a whole lot has changed since Upton Sinclair published “The Jungle” in 1906. Nothing in this series would surprise me.

Jen: I’m a working mother. Please don’t ruin wine for me. Thank you.

AJ: Season…. Two? Well, okay. I don’t know if I want to watch this. I feel a little like “ignorance is bliss” here.


Gary Gulman: The Great Depresh

Loren: I like it. Seems like a great way to laugh with someone about their issues.

RDT: I have no idea who Gary Gulman is. But I’ll give him a shot.

Rick: I was not aware of Gary Gulman until I watched this trailer, but I’m down to watch this special, if and when I ever pay for HBO.

Jen: I LOVE Gary Gulman, glad to see he’s healing and able to share his journey (and some laughs) with us. I can’t wait for this one.

AJ: Ditto, Jen. Also a fan and love how he’s made this come together.


Goliath Season 3

Loren: Nah, not starting with season 3 yadda yadda yadda.


Rick: Glad people are working, but I’m never going to watch this.

Jen: So this is still happening? Huh.

AJ: My parents used to watch this show – but I didn’t know it was still on. That’s all I got.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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