Episode #191 – Roman Pearce is Terrible

The guys are talking too much about baked goods and a little bit about pop culture.

  • OG Jurassic crew are back for the World
  • Travis Knight is gonna be Uncharted
  • Baroness got that new new (I’m sorry…..)
  • Vin and The Rock makeout make up…
  • SNL ups Heidi Gardner and Chris Redd to full cast members
  • Lex Luthor not in a crisis
  • More, but less, Arrow
  • Full El Camino trailer
  • Full The Irishman trailer
  • Space Force casting
  • BoJack bye bye
  • Ghost Rider? I barely know her!
  • AppleTV+ For All Mankind trailer
  • Sixtysomething?
  • Padalecki, Texas Ranger
  • Billy Joel song inspired series in development
  • Food Network getting into the paid streaming service game now, too!
  • Kevin Feige: A New Hope
  • New Bat casting
  • Who, the f—, is Madame Web?!?!?!
  • Spidey’s back!!!!!

All that, what we watched and a few tangents.

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One thought on “Episode #191 – Roman Pearce is Terrible

  1. RDT is correct. I’m planning on showing the entire run of F&F movies before F10 comes out. I don’t know that it’s going to happen in one weekend, though. Probably several weekends. Oooooor…Fast Fridays. One movie a week for 10 weeks. Hmmm…

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