Episode #241 – Horror Corner

The guys keep it distant yet together this week for more Entertainment and Pop Culture News. They’re talking:

  • Tenet underperforming (we guess? Studio won’t release actuals)
  • Dune trailer, also likely pushing to 2021
  • Candyman pushed to 2021
  • Neve Campbell confirmed for 5cream
  • Freaky trailer
  • F9 will go to space
  • He’s All That in development
  • SNL returning to 30 Rock this fall, Ego Nwodim promoted to main cast
  • Peacock picks up the Fresh Prince dramatic reboot for 2 seasons
  • ST: D season 3 trailer
  • Supes and Batwoman getting new suits
  • Nicole Byer and John Cena to host Wipeout reboot
  • Walking Dead to end after season 11
  • Hulu kills Eyes of the Dragon adaptation
  • Doogie Kamealoha M.D. picked up to series by D+
  • Young Justice Season 4: Phantoms
  • Doom Patrol picked up for season 3 and will stream exclusively on HBO Max
  • Robocop prequel series…. won’t have Robocop in it
  • Obi Wan to start filming in the spring (maybe)
  • Daisy Ridley says that at one point Rey was a Kenobi in TRoS
  • WW84 pushed to December
  • Chris Hemsworth not giving up Thor anytime soon

All that, the Weekly Watched and of course tangents.

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3 thoughts on “Episode #241 – Horror Corner

  1. PG-13 horror can work. The remake of The Ring is PG-13 and it’s excellent. The issue I have with Happy Death Day is that the main character is an idiot. She should have figured out what was going on and settled the matter in about 10 minutes.

    The issue I have with PG-13 horror in the broader sense is when a studio/distributor takes a story that was conceived and shot as an R and waters it down to a PG-13 to “get a wider audience” despite what it might do to the quality of the movie.

    1. That all makes sense. And I very much agree with the watered down version of R-rated movies to PG-13 ones never works.

      But you and I will have to agree to disagree on Happy Death Day. I think part of the point of it is that she starts off as a moron and grows from there.

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