Episode 325 – A vagina’s not mathematical

We’re back for another week of pop culture news, including Picard spoilers (1:26:32) and Moon Knight spoilers (1:31:28).

  • Alex Jones is garbage
  • Fast X (whomp whomp)
  • Momoa-craft? Mine-moa?
  • Streets of Wick?
  • Andy Serkis will run his own Animal Farm
  • Rust production fined $137k
  • Bill Murray might be terrible
  • New Lightyear trailer
  • Spidey will go across the universe next year
  • Netflix…..ooof…..
  • CNN+, we hardly knew ya
  • Voltron and It Takes Two heading to prime
  • Ron DeSantis is garbage
  • Hot Williams drops for Obi
  • Kevin Conroy to pen a DC Pride comic
  • Ezra Miller is garbage….?
  • Thor: Love and Thunder teaser
  • Squirrel Girl returns

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