Episode #327 – No Uggos in the Future

Lots of spoilers (detailed below) as the guys get into all the news of the week.


  • Obi Wan – 00:41:00 – 00:45:55
  • Picard – 1:08:45
  • SNW – 1:13:48
  • Moon Knight – 1:19:04
  • Dr. Strange – 1:23:41

And here are the rest of the topics we cover:

  • The Incredible Dom?
  • Fred Savage is an asshole?
  • Quantum Leaper
  • Not quite Saved by the Bell
  • Everyone(?) is watching Paramount+
  • Cobra Kai season 5 trailer
  • Amazon Freevee expands
  • New doctor
  • Weird Al trailer
  • RIP George Perez
  • Obi Wan trailer
  • Amanda Waller returns
  • Black Adam reshoots
  • Guardians wraps

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