Episode #334 – Unstable Connection

Ryan does the heavy lifting this week as Loren has some pretty terrible internet issues. They still talk the week’s news and get into Ms Marvel (spoilers at 45:29) and the Obi Wan finale (spoilers at 48:04)

  • Weekly Ezra Miller update.
  • Leigh Whannel making a Green Hornet and Kato movie
  • Furiosa synopsis
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 starts shooting in Greece
  • Top Gun: Maverick gets its bildo
  • Yellowstone prequel goes from 1932 to 1923
  • Netflix: More layoffs and ads are officially coming
  • Gina Rodriguez and Zachary Levi join Spy Kids reboot
  • Stranger Things spinoff in development
  • BTTF the Musical is coming
  • Tarantino inches closer to opening The Vista
  • Kraven the Hunter will be about a nature loving… Hunter
  • Sydney Sweeney thinks Madame Web will be bigger than life itself

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