Weekend Watch – 02/09/2018

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

The 15:17 to Paris

Loren: This reminds me of that Navy Seals action movie they put out a few years ago Act of Valor, that starred real life servicemen. This at least has the benefit of the people that were actually involved. I don’t think I’ll see this in the theater but might once it hits streaming.

RDT: Pretty much what Jen said.

Rick: I read about this when it happened and, while it’s interesting and definitely heroic, there’s not enough nuance to this story that necessitates a feature.

Jen: I can’t say a bad thing about this movie since it stars real life heroes who did an amazing thing. It looks fine and it’s an interesting idea to use the real guys portraying themselves. All that being said, I won’t be seeing this.

Fifty Shades Freed

Loren: “Don’t Miss The Climax” is a gross tagline.

RDT: Can I just go to Pornhub instead?


Jen: So this is still happening? Fascinating. I want these movies to be 100x better or 10x worse. Pick a lane, Christian Grey.

Peter Rabbit

Loren: At first I was thinking why did they shoot actual scenery for the CGI animals to exist in? Then I saw the real life element and my question was answered. Oh, am I going to see this? No. No I am not.

RDT: I remember loving the book as a kid. I’ve heard nothing but bad things about this though. Hard pass. (Maybe “hard” pass is more appropriate for Fifty Shades Freed?)

Rick: I didn’t think it was possible, but this looks as irritating as both Trolls and The Emoji Movie. The hardest of passes.

Jen: So Domhnall Gleeson is in everything now? Cool. Cool-cool-cool.

Limited Release


Loren: I like that Lena Hall actually seemed to be singing. That’s kinda the only positive I can think of.

RDT: One time, I got to drive Mena Suvari to the American Pie 2 set. She was nice. She climbed in my backseat and read an Entertainment Weekly.

Rick: Ehhhh…maybe?

Jen: This is a big Indie-meh for me. Can Indie-meh be a thing? It accurately describes my feeling to 90% of Indie movies.

Black Hollow Cage

Loren: Neat. If I remember to watch this I think I’m gonna dig it.

RDT: I’m out for pretty much the same reasons Rick is in, except the Ex Machina part.

Rick: Atmospherically, it reminds me a bit of Ex Machina. Also, it looks wonderfully sinister. Count me in.

Jen: I immediately thought Ex Machina but Rick beat me to the punch. I’m so curious about what’s going on here I think I’ll have to check it out.

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Let’s (Finally) Talk About The First ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Trailer!

So it finally happened. After a much beleaguered production and a fast approaching release date, we got our first look at the latest Star Wars one off movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story; Telling an early adventure of Han Solo. First and foremost I want to say that it looks good. As in I think the production value is not something we’re going to have to worry about. I am a tad concerned with Alden Ehrenreich‘s portrayal of our titular protagonist. I really hope that A) the rumors of his acting being lacking are not true and B) that he’s not just doing a (bad) Harrison Ford impression.

I’ve long said that this is not necessarily a movie I want or the public even needs, but if they are going to make it, I just want it to be good. There has been a lot of controversy around this movie as the original directors (Lord and Miller) were fired after the majority of shooting had been completed. Disney/Lucasfilm then brought in Ron Howard to right the ship. However, he had to reshoot an enormous portion of the movie. Leaving people worried that this will feel like some cobbled together mess much like Justice League (and parts of Rogue One, if I’m being honest). I’m holding out hope though.

I’m one of the people that has bought in to Disney’s vision of Star Wars, putting the new movies (Episodes 7 and 8 plus Rogue One) right behind the originals in my own rankings. And what might also be interesting is this could be the first full fledged Star Wars movie that does not have a single Skywalker anywhere to be seen. Although saying that means I’ve cursed myself and there’s going to be some sort of Darth Vader cameo, or a pre-teen Luke in the background. But enough about all that. Let’s (Finally) Talk About The First Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer!: Continue reading

Episode #105 – He’s Out There Smoking Again

The guys are back to business for Episode #105. They’ve got you covered on the week’s pop-culture news. They’re talking stories like:

  • Bad Boys 3 aka Bad Boys for Life gets new directors
  • Super Mario Bros. animated movie in development by Illumination
  • F. Gary Gray in talks to direct MiB spinoff
  • Skyscraper poster
  • Richard Donner doubts Lethal Weapon 5 will happen, wants it called “Lethal Finale”
  • Ernie Hudson cast in Bad Boys spinoff with Gabrielle Union
  • LA Confidential and Gone Baby Gone reboot picked up to pilot
  • Black Lightning show runner would like to have Static on the show
  • Suits picked up for season 8, without Mike or Rachel. Adds Dule Hill and Katherine Heigl?
  • JJ Abrams new show gets a title, Demimonde, and home, HBO
  • Westworld season 2 trailer to drop during the Superb Owl
  • Metropolis prequel series picked up for DC digital service
  • Hardwick moves his podcast away from Legendary owned Nerdist. Rebrands as ID10T.
  • Red Dead 2 pushed to October
  • Solo trailer will debut on Good Morning America Monday
  • Ra’s Al Ghul coming to Titans?
  • Gambit reportedly pulled from the Fox schedule
  • Feige says we’re at least 2 years away from potentially seeing Fox/Marvel properties in the MCU
  • Ant-Man & the Wasp trailer 
  • White dudes (not us) are mad that Black Panther is good

All that, the Weekly Watched, and the usual tangents.

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10 Trailers/TV Spots You Probably Didn’t Miss During Superb Owl LII

Here’s a collection of most of the Trailers and TV Spots from the Big Game last night. Expect a full Solo Breakdown in the next few days.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

The Avengers: Infinity War

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

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Weekend Watch – 02/02/2018

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release


Loren: First and foremost, enough with the god damn trailers for trailers. It’s infuriating. Secondly, yes please. I’ve heard the “real” side of this story before but this looks like a fun and creepy twist on that. In.

RDT: This looks pretty good. And I have no doubt I will likely only ever see it from Rick’s kitchen.


Jen: Helen Mirren makes everything better.

Limited Release


Loren: They’re really trying hard to make Karl Droggo an action star, aren’t they. This looks perfectly cromulent (thanks for pointing that out, Rick!).

RDT: Well that sure does look like a movie.

Rick: Braven? Is that even a word? Is that like embiggen? I have doubts about its cromulence.

Jen: So this isn’t the sequel to Brave? Not that I want a sequel to Brave. I’m just saying this title is misleading in a number of ways.

Bucky & The Squirrels

Loren: Woof. The only positive thing I can say about this disaster of a mockumentary is at least they added the displaced from time aspect to change it up. Still, this looks fucking awful.


Rick: I’m sorry I put this on the list. I owe you all a beer. (I don’t drink beer. Can I get chocolate milk instead? –RDT)

Jen: Oh Richard Lewis, remember when you were on Anything But Love? Those were the days.

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Episode #104 – Two Year Anniversary or The Third Brother Pt. 2

It’s part two of our two year anniversary episode. Ryan, Loren, and Rick are back to fill you in on what’s going on in the f*cked universe and the MCU.

  • Scientific evidence that audiences don’t connect with DC movies
  • Thor: Ragnarok leaked a month early via Movies Anywhere
  • New Mutants is going to be hardest PG-13 ever (are we still doing phrasing?)
  • Joanne Whalley joins Daredevil Season 3
  • Brie Larson in costume as Captain Marvel
  • Also Loren and Rick watched a ton of stuff. Ryan watched some things too!

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Episode #104 – Two Year Anniversary or The Third Brother Pt. 1

It’s our 104th episode which marks our two year anniversary! To celebrate this momentous occasion we got (almost) the whole HPN staff together for a big one. So big it’s broken up into two parts. In this, the first part, Loren, RDT, Rick, and (for the movie section) Jen, talk Movies and TV. Topics include:

  • Black Dynamite 2?
  • Oscar nominees announced
  • Casey Affleck withdraws from presenting best actress Oscar
  • John Cena might be Duke Nukem
  • Sony moving all the release dates
  • Peter Jackson making WWI documentary for BBC
  • Ryan Reynolds to star in Clue remake
  • Emily V. Gordon to adapt novel The Nest for Amazon Studios
  • Cat in the Hat animated movie coming from WB
  • Dundee movie not a movie but has added Hugh Jackman
  • Juman3 potentially fast-tracked for Christmas 2019
  • Latest Mission: Impossible title revealed
  • Rumored Superb Owl trailers
  • Bill & Ted 3 title/plot details
  • Movie Pass is apparently a distribution company now, also not covering all AMC locations anymore
  • Mike Flannigan to direct adaptation of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep
  • Greatest American Hero reboot picked up to pilot
  • Greg Berlanti drama pilot God Friended Me ordered by CBS
  • Murphy Brown returning to CBS
  • Magnum PI and Cagney & Lacey reboots picked up to pilot
  • CBS and Viacom merger?
  • Katrina Law returning to Arrow
  • Charmed reboot and supernatural cop pilots ordered by CW
  • FX orders What We Do In The Shadows series
  • Meryl Streep joins Big Little Lies season 2
  • Helen Mirren to play Catherine the Great for HBO
  • Michael Shannon joins AMC’s The Little Drummer Girl
  • Netflix interested in Cloverfield sequel
  • TV Writers create an anonymous spreadsheet to compare salaries, look for parity in pay
  • Apple orders series from Damien Chazelle
  • Like we said, it’s a big one. You get all that and plus the usual tangents.

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Weekend Watch – 01/26/2018

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Loren: I just added the other two movies in this franchise to my list. I’m curious but know that they can’t be good per se. If I enjoy one or both of those I may give this a shot, but I’m not running out to the theater for it.

RDT: I haven’t seen any of these. So, I doubt I’m gonna start with this one.

Rick: This is the movie that nearly killed Dylan O’Brien. For his sake, I hope it does well, but I am not going to see it.

Jen: How do you type out a shrug emoji? Like which keys do you use? I always end up cutting and pasting cause I just can’t figure it out.

Limited Release

American Folk

Loren: There might be a sweet movie in there but I’ll never know.

RDT: 35 seconds. That’s how long I lasted into the trailer. So, yeah, hard pass.

Rick: Meeehhhh…?

Jen: It’s the Indie-est Indie Movie that ever movied. No thanks.

The Competition

Loren: Gee, I wonder how this movie will turn out for these horrible people. On second thought, no I don’t.

RDT: I met Chris Klein once. He couldn’t remember the name of the Cobra villain with the metal mask (Destro). That’s all I got.

Rick: Remember Thora Birch and Chris Klein? Be prepared to forget them again when no one sees this movie. Also, these people are assholes. What kind of bet is that to make against your friends’ relationships?

Jen: She cheats on him because she’s afraid of commitment, but then HE doesn’t cheat on HER and she realizes she loves him and they both win. Can we go home now?

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Episode #103 – The Need for Creed

Loren is still out and (walk)about with the Lady(I still don’t know how to do the TM). So, we have another lady(non-TM) Jen stepping in. 

  • Creed 2: Rocky 8
  • Danny McBride is, maybe, we think, the son of “Crocodile” Dundee….?
  • Ken Watanabe joins Ryan Reynolds in Pokemon movie ‘Detective Pikachu’ (is a sentence I never thought I’d write.)
  • Super Troopers 2 trailer
  • ROM and MASK movies dead
  • Jordan Peele retires….from acting
  • Spielberg mulling his next project
  • Sword in the Stone added to Disney’s bucket (bucket?) of live-action remakes
  • Academy Award nominations drop…today (also, it’s my birthday)
  • Inhumans officially, for reals this time, canceled
  • Bad Boys spinoff, Bad….Females?, goes to pilot
  • Kid Flash moving to Legends, Loren and I are smart
  • JJ Abrams coming back to TV
  • Joel McHale coming to Netflix in “Not The Soup”
  • Pegg and Frost making a funnier version, we hope, of Ghosted which was supposed to be a funnier version of X-Files
  • In a surprising twist, young Han Solo movie to be about young Han Solo
  • Two more future ex-directors of The Flash movie are in talks to direct the The Flash movie
  • We may have a wizard in SHAZAM
  • Who else is in Venom?

All that and the usual tangents return.

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Weekend Watch – 01/19/2018

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

12 Strong

Loren: Though it’s got a great cast, this looks like half a standard war movie and half a Call of Duty game (put a horse in it). Maybe someday but not in the theaters.

RDT: What Rick said, except for the “wanting to see it” part.

Rick: I can’t imagine that this isn’t going to be full of clichés and a wickedly stretched version of the truth, but this cast is excellent. I want to see it just for this ensemble. I doubt I’ll trek to theaters for it, though.

Jen: I have a lot of mixed feelings on this one. The trailer managed to hit me in the feels for the first few seconds but then sort of turned a bit to jingoistic about the war on terror in a way that turned me off. I have nothing but admiration and respect for these men and what they did, and this does look like an amazing cast (Michael Shannon seems to elevate anything he’s in), but I can’t see spending my precious movie-going resources on this.

Den of Thieves

Loren: I love a good heist movie. Sadly, this doesn’t look like one. I’ll wait on it.

RDT: I’ll give it a shot streaming.

Rick: I mean, this isn’t a terrible concept, but there’s no way that the movie lives up to its setup. I guarantee I’ve sat through a lot worse, though. Call it a rental.

Jen: Where Michael Shannon elevates everything, Gerard Butler tends to do the opposite. This is a meh for me.

Forever My Girl

Loren: Oof. Not much in that trailer made me want to see this movie. And then to top it all off, that little girl is TOO precocious. Pass.

RDT: Jen’s gif is better than anything I could come up with.

Rick: Wait… *looks it up* This isn’t a Nicholas Sparks joint? Huh. I mean, his involvement wouldn’t have gotten me to watch it. I’m just surprised, is all.


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