Weekend Watch – 7/29/16

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Jason Bourne

Loren: I like(?) the Bourne franchise but really just the first one. This looks good(?) I don’t know. I’ll probably see it. At some point. Maybe. Ringing endorsements all around.

RDT: You know, the trailers haven’t really grabbed me. And the stunts just don’t look as good as the last few movies in this franchise. That being said, I’m sure I’ll see this eventually. Sooner than later, probably, but I just don’t feel the need to rush out this weekend for it.

Rick: I’ve seen all of the films in the series so far; even the headcanon Hawkeye origin movie. I’m not anticipating this being great, but the trailer is cut so well it makes me want to plunk down my cash for a ticket.

Jen: Does this franchise exist solely to keep Julia Stiles employed? Are we sure this isn’t a previous Bourne movie being re-released? I really can’t tell them apart at this point. I think I’m a pass on this one.

Bad Moms

Loren: This looks pretty funny and I like everyone in it (yes, even Jada). It’s definitely aimed at the moms of this world and hey, everyone needs their own comedy genre. I’ll check it out, but I doubt it’ll be in the theater.

RDT: Phenomenal cast, for sure. I’ll definitely see it, but, cards on the table, probably not in theaters.

Rick: What RDT said.

Jen: Is it too cliche of me to want to go get drinks and see his movie ASAP? I guess I don’t care. Shut up and take my money! Also, go back and read my take on the original trailer.

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Let’s Talk About The New “Jason Bourne” Trailer

The Bourne movies are a strange thing. I really liked the first one, but the sequels left something to be desired. Both Ultimatum and Supremacy had really cool action sequences and helped open up the mythos but lacked a little in the story elements. That’s kinda ok though. I mean, I actually dig the idea of a rogue super-agent trying to just be left alone and being pulled back in to stop his former employers.

Legacy is a whole other story (literally). It falls into that thing I like of world building, but overall is kinda mediocre. I will say this, Legacy is 100% head-canon the solo Hawkeye movie we’ll never get. Think about it. Or don’t, your life.

This trailer sort of gives us more of what we have come to expect from Bourne movies, but again that’s not necessarily a bad thing. So let’s talk about the new Jason Bourne trailer.

  • The trailer opens with Bourne (Matt Damon) laying in bed. His voiceover tells us that he remembers everything. So, I guess his amnesia from the first 3 movies has cleared up.
  • We get flashbacks of Bourne’s training at Treadstone and someone playing  Brian Cox‘ role. How you gonna deprive the people of B.Cox Jason Bourne?
  • Bourne shoots a man with a bag over his head in the flashback and we get the window jumping, throat-crushing-with-a-book scene from Supremacy.
  • Then we get the shot of Jason looking through his sniper scope from Ultimatum. This trailer is like 30% flashback.
  • Bourne repeats that he remembers everything. Except telling us that he remembers everything. He forgot that.
  • Hey everybody it’s Julia Stiles! Is it weird to anyone else her character Nicky has been the through line for 4 of these movies? She tells Bourne that just because he remembers everything, doesn’t mean he knows everything.
  • Bourne tells her to tell him.
  • Ato Essandoh‘s character is on the phone. Says they’ve been hacked. “It could be worse than Snowden.” If it’s worse, jesus, what kind of secrets are you guys hiding? 
  • Movie style facial recognition software gets a hit on Nicky, the CIA uses their Big Brother cams and see she’s with Bourne. Essandoh is dumbfounded.
  • We see Alicia Vikander‘s unnamed character and then Tommy Lee Jones‘ Robert Dewey asks, “Why would he come back now?” If I had to guess, it’s because he remembers all the terrible shit you did to him. But that’s just a guess. 
  • Directed by Paul Greengrass title card. He’s directed 3 out of 5 of these.
  • Keeping it super topical Vikander tells us there’s a demonstration in front of Greek parliament, as we see riot cops and protesters. They think Nicky will use this as cover.
  • More riot footage, as Bourne notes that the CIA has tracked Nicky and they have to move.
  • In a super slick move, Bourne grabs a molotov cocktail from a rioter just before he throws it and uses it himself, by throwing it to the ground as cover.
  • Bourne, Bourne-fights the two guys tailing them as Nicky escapes on a motorcycle.
  • Actually, it’s both of them on the motorcycle. They are being shot at by a sniper and driving around explosions. A typical day.
  • Vikander states to Dewey that Bourne knows things and ponders if perhaps Bourne isn’t coming after them.
  • Bourne angrily says that he volunteered because of a lie and looks to be going after the Treadstone (whatever they are calling themselves now) people. The hacking was most likely someone else but Bourne is being blamed for it.
  • Jason is shot at on a roof but uses a human shield, before jumping and catching a wire to break his fall.
  • Bourne calls in to Dewey. This seems to be like a superpower of his, calling the people that are hunting him.
  • Over a montage of Bourne improvising weapons and beating dudes down, Dewey says, “32 kills, people are safer because of what you did.”
  • A SWAT van crashes through the doors of the Riviera in Las Vegas.
  • A car chase down Las Vegas boulevard in front of casinos like Paris and the Belaggio. This is one of those things that will always bother me about car chases in movies set in populated places. There is no way Las Vegas boulevard is that empty. It’s like when they do them through Times Square, IMPLAUSIBLE!
  • Matt Damon either loves Las Vegas or hates it. I can’t tell.
  • To make me eat my words about car chases, the SWAT van crashes through cars stopped in traffic.
  • Dewey tells Bourne that he’ll never find any peace until he admits to himself who he really is.
  • Bourne takes off his shirt in a desert fight club and one-punches a guy cold. Always remember that Jason Bourne is a badass.

And that’s it. To be honest this looks like a perfectly serviceable continuation of the story they’ve told us so far. I’m sure I’ll see this, probably in the theater… like a matinee.

Jason Bourne opens July 29th, 2016

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