Weekend Watch – 7/29/16

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Jason Bourne

Loren: I like(?) the Bourne franchise but really just the first one. This looks good(?) I don’t know. I’ll probably see it. At some point. Maybe. Ringing endorsements all around.

RDT: You know, the trailers haven’t really grabbed me. And the stunts just don’t look as good as the last few movies in this franchise. That being said, I’m sure I’ll see this eventually. Sooner than later, probably, but I just don’t feel the need to rush out this weekend for it.

Rick: I’ve seen all of the films in the series so far; even the headcanon Hawkeye origin movie. I’m not anticipating this being great, but the trailer is cut so well it makes me want to plunk down my cash for a ticket.

Jen: Does this franchise exist solely to keep Julia Stiles employed? Are we sure this isn’t a previous Bourne movie being re-released? I really can’t tell them apart at this point. I think I’m a pass on this one.

Bad Moms

Loren: This looks pretty funny and I like everyone in it (yes, even Jada). It’s definitely aimed at the moms of this world and hey, everyone needs their own comedy genre. I’ll check it out, but I doubt it’ll be in the theater.

RDT: Phenomenal cast, for sure. I’ll definitely see it, but, cards on the table, probably not in theaters.

Rick: What RDT said.

Jen: Is it too cliche of me to want to go get drinks and see his movie ASAP? I guess I don’t care. Shut up and take my money! Also, go back and read my take on the original trailer.


Loren: Pretty people do dumb things for money. Sooo it’s any competition reality show out there? Pass, maybe I’ll watch this on a plane or something.

RDT: The message of this trailer seems to be that you should stop looking at screens and go experience life in the real world (while other people watch you on screens). So, in honor of that, I will be Periscoping myself this whole weekend. Expect lots of Pokemon hunting and little-to-no-watching of Nerve.

Rick: So it’s some weird mashup of The Game, The Net, and Cheap Thrills? Considering they give away pretty much the whole movie in the trailer, my gut tells me this is probably meh.

Jen: This looks like a thing young people will enjoy. I… am not young. I got tired just watching this trailer. As Rick pointed out it feels like they’ve given away everything in this trailer, what’s left to watch for?

Gleason (Limited)

Loren: Wow, that was super powerful. This looks like an incredible story and the best possible way to tell it, in his own words. It’s added to my list of docs.

RDT: Add this to the ever growing list of documentaries that interest me, but that I will also probably completely forget to ever watch. I’m awful, I know.

Rick: Incredibly topical given the recent breakthrough in ALS research. I may take this one in while it’s in theaters.

Jen: This looks fantastic and very tough to sit through. Just getting through the trailer without tears is tough. I think I’ll pass on seeing this in the theater, no need to share my ugly-crying with the patrons of the Arclight.

Equity (Limited)

Loren: Not for me. Something about it just didn’t hit.

RDT: I’m intrigued. Like Rick says below, it has very much a Wall Street vibe to it. I’ll try to catch it when it pops up streaming.

Rick: This looks like Wall Street for the modern age, and that’s more than okay with me. Plus, I love me some Anna Gunn.

Jen: Someone once told me I look like Anna Gunn. I’d like for everyone reading this to picture me in the back of a limo in big black sunglasses from now on. I am in for this movie. Sidebar: I can’t believe how excited I get seeing weekly trailers for awesome looking movies about women! Is this how male movie-goers feel all the time?

Indignation (Limited)

Loren: *Read RDT’s thoughts first* I was about to write the exact same thing. Eerie.

RDT: You know, when the trailer started, I thought this was just another School Ties-like movie about being Jewish in the ‘50’s. But as it went on, it started pulling me in. I’m intrigued.

Rick: I’ve been looking forward to this one since I saw the trailer a month ago. I’ve avoided reading up on it so I can sink into the story and watch the mystery unfold.

Jen: RDT really hit the nail on the head with this one. I’m not sure if I’ll ever see this but I’m curious enough to read the book. I’m not sure if that’s an endorsement or not…

The Land (Limited)

Loren: Yet another gorgeously shot movie about a topic I’m not interested in. I doubt I’ll ever see this.

RDT: I dunno. Looks like fairly standard “kid gets in over his head” story. I could see myself checking it out on streaming one day.

Rick: I feel like I’ve seen this movie before, but I can’t place it. Regardless, unless the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, I’ll skip this.

Jen: I have nothing more to add than what the others have said. I don’t think I’m the target audience for this film.

Miss Sharon Jones! (Limited)

Loren: Before this trailer I knew nothing about Sharon Jones or her story. She sounds like a pretty incredible woman, but this doc just isn’t for me.

RDT: I’m not a big music guy. I’m sure Sharon Jones’ story is amazing, but this isn’t my jam.

Rick: Definitely in. If you’re down to see this and live in LA, Sharon Jones will be at the Nuart next Friday night (August 5th) for a Q&A along with the director at the 7:30pm show.

Jen:. Barbara Kopple is a fantastic documentarian who really gets into the heart of her subjects. I knew very little about Sharon Jones before this trailer and now I can’t wait to learn more. I’ll be streaming this for sure.

The Tenth Man (Limited)

Loren: ????????????

RDT: You remember that old movie, Marty, starring Ernest Borgnine? Yeah, me either. Anyway, for some reason, this reminds me of that, but foreign. Granted, I’ve never see that, and I’ll probably never see this. So, there you go.

Rick: Well, that trailer told me absolutely nothing. Kino, you’re better than that. To be fair, I kind of want to see the movie just to figure out what the hell is going on in that story.

Jen: So is Usher in this movie or not? I’m not sure if he even speaks Spanish. And… what, it’s not that Usher? Oh, well, I’m out.

Into the Forest (Limited)

Loren: Neat, I like the near-future-but-still-kinda-old stuff like It Follows. This could be pretty cool. I’ll stream it some day.

RDT: A24 again. I’m kinda burnt out on the post-apocalyptic, dystopian movies. But I tend to enjoy what A24 produces. So, I’ll see it eventually.

Rick: So, arthouse-style dystopia? It has a talented cast so, maybe…?

Jen: This could be deep and insightful about what it is in life that is truly important, what is it that makes us go on living when all of the technology we depend on is ripped away. Or it could be a by-the-numbers near-future horror pic. I don’t really want to see either of those movies.


Tallulah (Netflix original)

Loren: I wish I was more into straight-forward dramas, but alas I am not. This looks really good, but I’d be lying if I said I was going to check this out.

RDT: Definitely in for this. And, if I can break myself away from The West Wing, I’ll probably watch it this weekend.

Rick: That looks like wonderfully complicated drama. *adds to queue*

Jen: This looks great. The cast is fantastic, the story is complicated and filled with strong, but flawed female characters. If I want a good, cathartic cry, I will check it out.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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–Loren, RDT, Rick, and Jen

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