Episode #32 – Good For You and Your Big, Blue D*ck.

This week, RDT returns and we dive into the fall movie season (because that’s a thing now).

But first, the news!

  • Shailene Woodley will likely not be coming to tv this fall, or anytime soon.
  • The Crow reboot scheduled to start production, until it’s not.
  • Avatar kittens are coming.
  • Transformers and the knights of the round table.
  • Is Daniel Craig going to get $200 million for 2 more James Bond movies? (No.)
  • Midnight Special’s Jeff Nichols rebooting Alien Nation
  • Star Trek: Discovery to take inspiration from TOS
  • Black Lightning is coming to….Fox…?
  • Supernatural batting 300?
  • Scripts are complete for the 4-show CW-verse superhero crossover.
  • Heathers is coming to…. TV Land?
  • Narcos to keep selling for 2 more seasons.
  • DCEU keeps (over)reacting
  • Deathstroke cast
  • A Hiro wants to be a Robin
  • Flash has a(nother) dad!
  • Booster Gold stands alone
  • Are Hush and Death in the Family the next animated Batflicks?

All that plus just a few tangents.

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