Episode #46 – We’re Heading Back Up The Uncanny Valley

This week the guys are talking a little known SciFi movie that hit the cinemas a few of you may have seen… Rogue One (Spoilers from 01:17:00 – 01:24:45). Also all the news bits from last week like:

  • F8 of the Furious Tr4il3r.
  • Pacific Rim and Godzilla sequels get lacklustre title changes.
  • King’s Revival gets a Crowe.
  • The next Pirates movie gets Knight(ley)ed.
  • Incredibles 2 starts recording so we talk for too long about other Pixar movies.
  • The most TV reboots imaginable. Single White Female, Taken, Star Trek, The Honeymooners, How I Met Your Father, Riverdale, Foxy Brown, Ducktales etc.
  • Marco….Polo….Marco…Polo… I can’t find the $200m you lost. You’re Cancelled.
  • Amazon gets Sneaky with Pete.
  • Julia Roberts heads to TV while Taran Killam heads to Broadway.
  • F*ck this F*cking Universe gets an Ocean Master, Batflick News, and Gotham City Sirens might happen
  • Hugh Jackman gets paid less to make something more for Logan.

All of that plus the Weekend Watched and all of the usual tangents.

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