Episode #49 – Tangentially Rogue

We’re talking a little bit more about Rogue One and the future of the Star Wars Universe this week. We even got a listener question, how about that? All that plus news like: 

  • The passing of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.
  • Han Solo might get a Woody for Christmas. (whatever, I’m 5)
  • The Predator gets Obama’s Anger Translator and a Moonlight veteran.
  • Synopses for Pirates 5 (of the Caribbean not the porno) and Thor:Ragnarok.
  • TV Line likes one gritty tv reboot but not another. Vagueness!
  • Charmed gets a 70’s prebootquel. 
  • Is a weekly format better for Conan? We don’t know and neither do they. 
  • Hulu gets the best part of NBC’s Florida Saturday Night.
  • We find out that Rob Lowe enjoys money. 
  • Powerless pitches us a changeup (to their format).
  • This Is Black Panther.
  • New Mutants Anna Taylor-Joy lets slip that McAvoy is in the film. 

And just so many tangents. Like, it’s a lot. 

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