Episode #73 – Buttface and Trucknuts

Keeping the tangents to a minimum (you’re welcome, Dave), the guys jump right into the news.

  • All’s quiet in the Star Wars universe…….
  • Transformers 5: The Merlin One underperforming.
  • The Dark Tower is a sequel.
  • IT is rated R.
  • Jurassic World will be a Fallen Kingdom.
  • Pitch Perfect With a Vengeance trailer.
  • And you get a star and you get a star and you get a star! 
  • Downward Dog put down.
  • ST:D gonna shake things up. 
  • Who Watches the Watchmen? We do. On HBO!
  • As predicted, John Oliver gets sued. 
  • George RR Martin coming to TV, this time sans dragons. 
  • Rocco’s (more) Modern Life.
  • Wet Hot American Summer with a Vengeance trailer
  • GirlBoss looking for work. 
  • Will Lord & Miller return to the Speed Force?
  • Lots of Spidey news that I’m too lazy to type out. 
  • Fantastic Four Kids. 

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