Episode #114 – Basically the white Grace Jones

Loren’s on a trip to some poetry readings and whatnot. So, Jen is stepping in to cover all this stuff down below:

  • Creed 2, Rocky 7
  • Another Last Starfighter
  • Will Dwayne come back for Fast 9?
  • Will Indy continue without Harrison Ford
  • 3D ticket sales drop
  • Will The Talisman actually finally be adapted?
  • T6 running a little late
  • First Murphy Brown revival photo
  • The CW picks up, well, pretty much, everything
  • Y FX?
  • The Paramount Network (is a thing that is) rebooting The First Wives Club
  • Nat Geo adapting Hidden Figures
  • Dead to Me is, I guess, a new show for Netflix
  • Lord of the Rings show to run (or walk) for 5 seasons
  • Karl Urban is one of The Boys
  • Disney adapting High Fidelity, kind of…..
  • Infinity War is going to make a lot of money, but maybe not ALL the money
  • Ant Man found!

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