Episode #116 – Get On Board the Pop Culture Train! Woo Woo!

We’re back this week with some terrible stories, far too much info about a movie night most of you will never attend and some decent pop culture news. Like….

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One thought on “Episode #116 – Get On Board the Pop Culture Train! Woo Woo!

  1. -I’m cautiously optimistic for the new Halloween. David Gordon Green & Danny McBride are such an odd choice that I want to give it a shot. Also, John Carpenter is scoring the movie. I’d watch it just for that.

    -It Follows was the 10pm movie a couple years ago. The serious movies are either going to fall around 6pm or 10pm going forward. Also, A Quiet Place is not on this year’s schedule. I have something else pants-shittingly scary on tap. 🙂

    -Biopic is pronounced like two separate words: Bio + Pic. It was coined in the 1940s by some studio executive to combine “biography” and “picture”.

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