Episode #119 – It’s a TV Bloodbath

Wrap yourselves in plastic because it’s a Dexter-level bloodbath as the guys cover all the cancellations that hit last week, plus tackle a little movie et al news, too. 

  • John Wick: Chapter 3 starts, ahem, shooting
  • Bill & Ted will Face the Music one more time
  • The Irishman is challenging
  • Snake Eyes flying solo
  • Everything was cancelled. You don’t have to watch tv anymore. 
  • Cobra Kai will continue to do and not die. 
  • Joel McHale sticking around Netflix for a little longer, kind of
  • Arrested Development, season 5 trailer
  • Peter Jackson may return to the well that is Mt. Doom
  • Star Wars tv show gets a timeline
  • Ron Howard shot second
  • Solo may actually be pretty good
  • Or Peter Jackson goes to the dry well that is DC
  • Avengers still making all the money

All that, plus the usual tangents. 

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One thought on “Episode #119 – It’s a TV Bloodbath

  1. I saw Infinity War in IMAX at the Chinese. It’s the full on IMAX Laser, dual 4K projection system. The film entire movie was shot in 1.9:1 IMAX format, so it’s not just select scenes with the rest blown up. It’s worth checking out, even in 3D. You’ll have to go before Thursday night, because Deadpool 2 takes over that screen this week.

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