Episode #130 – High Society

The guys went to a Horror Movie night at Rick’s this week and RDT watched the whole thing. It was impressive. Even more impressive was that he was still able to talk to Loren about the week’s pop-culture news! They talked stories like:

  • Ryan Reynolds developing Stoned Alone
  • Charlie’s Angels reboot details
  • Dune remake to be split into 2 movies
  • Fox & Disney shareholders have approved the acquisition
  • MoviePass (temporarily) ran out of money
  • Seann Williamm Scotttt will not be playing Marvin Riggs in LW season 3
  • Mercy Graves coming to Supergirl
  • Deadwood film greenlit
  • Better Call Saul season 5 picked up before season 4 debuts
  • Buffy reboot will follow a new slayer, so it’s not a reboot at all
  • Anthony Mackie is your new Takeshi Kovacs for Altered Carbon season 2
  • Mowgli goes to Netflix
  • Apple adapting Time Bandits
  • Star Wars: Episode IX cast announced
  • Dark Phoenix and New Mutants NOT cancelled
  • Venom will set up potential sequels

All that, the usual tangents, and of course the Weekly Watched!

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