Episode #145 – Money! with special guest host Rick!

Ryan had some real life stuff to take care of so Rick jumped in to help and don’t worry he’s just as verbose! The guys had a ton of stuff to cover this week with stories like:

  • Chris McKay will direct live action Johnny Quest reboot
  • Next Kingsman is confirmed to be a prequel, Taron Egerton not involved
  • Greg Berlanti tapped to direct Rock Hudson biopic
  • Will Ferrell to star in Prince of Fashion for Amazon Studios, Gus Van Sant will direct
  • Jessica Henwick joins Godzilla vs. Kong
  • John Boyega & Leticia Wright cast in Hold Back the Stars
  • Universal is rebooting Shrek & Puss n’ Boots
  • Night of the Living Dead sequel is being made
  • Willy Wonka is getting a prequel
  • The Color Purple is going to be a musical movie
  • All the people are back for The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard
  • Bill Hader really wants FilmStruck to stick around (and so do thousands of other people)
  • It took 46 years, but we’re getting an Aretha Franklin doc
  • Sorority Girl Who Saved Your Life going to series
  • Brooklyn 99 season 6 set to premiere on January 10, 2019
  • Fox is re-re-re-adapting War of the Worlds
  • CW picked up some shows I bet neither one of you watch for full season
  • Kelly Ripa takes guest starring role on Riverdale Season 3
  • Tyler Hoechlin reveals Superman & Lois Lane from Elseworlds
  • Jeremy Irons is an older Ozymandias & Jean Smart is Agent Blake in the HBO Watchmen series
  • Post-Breaking Bad movie to start shooting soon
  • 1985’s Explorers is coming to TV
  • Rashida Jones making a sitcom for AMC
  • Deadwood movie is finally shooting. It’s only been 12 years.
  • AMC won’t let Rick Grimes die, plans three Walking Dead movies with the character
  • The new Disney streaming service is called Disney+ and it will premiere in late 2019.
  • Disney looking to further invest in Hulu
  • Hulu orders Kat Dennings series Dollface
  • Veronica Mars series keeps casting people
  • Satanists are suing Netflix and the makers of Sabrina
  • Apparently Lionsgate thinks we need an Orange is the New Black sequel series
  • Pacific Rim and Altered Carbon anime shows are coming to Netflix
  • Michelle Yeoh might get her own spinoff from Star Trek: Discovery
  • Red Dead 2 sold more copies in 12 days than the original did in seven years
  • Cassian Andor show confirmed for Disney+
  • Aquaman is ready for theaters
  • Loki show confirmed for Disney+
  • Avengers 4 is three hours long

All of that, a HUGE Weekly Watched, and a bunch of the tangents you know and love!

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One thought on “Episode #145 – Money! with special guest host Rick!

  1. If they can’t call it “Kevin Can F— Himself” then they should just embrace the trope and go with “Fat Guy/Hot Wife” as a title.

    For casting, I’d go with Tyler Labine as Kevin and Adrianne Palicki as the wife. Or Josh Gad and Minka Kelly. Or, throw some real money into it, Jack Black and Margot Robbie.

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